Monday, December 29, 2014

Week 70 No Transfers, No Package :(

Hey family,
 So transfers didn't happen today they will happen next week! So I don't know whats up with that. The work is going good  a lot of the people I have worked with they blame everything on everybody else.  We were teaching a couple a while back and they had marriage problems the wife said it was because of the husband and the husband said it was the wife and they couldn't get rid of their pride to see the faults in them selves first!!!  Sounds like Christmas was fun!! I wish I could just lay on the couch for 2 hours!( I told him all I wanted for Christmas was to sit on the couch all day.  I got about 2 hours in) ain't nobody got time for that!! So this week was a little different because of the holidays because all of our families went home for Christmas so all of them were gone our area was like a ghost town!! There was nobody there!! On Wednesday we had a service project, we made bricks for someones house!! That took like 5 hours and after that we went up to the senior couples house and had a dinner with all the missionaries and the mission president!  On Christmas we went and visited the  members in our area and came home to hang out with the senior couples and all the other missionaries  and did Skype!!!  The rest of the week we have been working like normal but our area is still pretty empty!!!

Did anyone get transferred in your apartment? not yet 
Did you get any more gifts for Christmas? not yet
When is the next time that you go back to the mission home?  when I go home!!!! hahaha
Is there any traditions that the Swazi’s do for new years? DRINK A LOT
What are you doing today for P-day? today we are going to the Swazi National Museum and the late Kings Memorial!!
Well that’s about all I have for you guys this week.   
Love Elder Roberts!!

(So we sent Taylor two packages back in November and they have had them sitting in the mission home and they keep forgetting to bring them to him so he got no packages for Christmas)

Sunday, December 28, 2014

A letter and video from Taylors Mission President

Dear Parents and Leaders of Mozambique Maputo Mission Missionaries,

This year is ending and the  Lord make possible huge realizations in this part of His work.

I'm glad to announce that by the end of this year the mission will achieve the land mark of 500 complete families baptized.

Besides that we have sent the paper work to the Church Headquarter to apply for the first two stakes in Mozambique. One in Maputo City (Capital)  and another in Beira City (central of the Coutry and second largest city in our mission). Please, we would like to have your prayers and if this is the will of our Heavenly Father,  this miracle can happen in our mission and finally Mozambique have their first Stake.

As you all know, in order to that happen, many miracles happened and your missionary are part of that. A lot of hard work, faith and obedience has made this possible. I believe that in other missions there are also great missionaries but not greater than the ones in Maputo Mozambique Mission. They are really extraordinary missionaries! We love them and we are blessed to have them here as a part of our lives.

As usual, in the end of every year we publish on youtube a video with pictures of our missionaries during that year. The 2014 video is already published:

We you enjoy to see our missionaries.

With love and appreciation,

President and Sister Kretly

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Week 69 Christmas skype week

So skype this week will be on Christmas morning at about 8 in the morning!! I think I get one hour!! So get ready for me! This will be short!  AND ABOUT MY PACKAGE I WILL GET ON CHRISTMAS EVE!!! So I am excited about that!!! I love you I will see you on Christmas!!

Week 68 Skype is coming

I am doing very good and very tired but I don't remember a time on the mission that I wasn't tired!!! Ok it's good that you got the card taken care of!! The dog bite wasn't a bad bite but it ripped my pants I just got a little bruise!! I HATE DOGS!!!   That's good that the school has a good choir now!! I want to see some pictures of  Kinzie and Seans new home. Where is it located?
We run into a lot of people in Africa who drink excessively, almost every person we meet has been drinking for a long time but  I have seen them change!! Even my old comp Elder Victor drank  lot before he was a member but the thing that helped him the most was he made the decision not to drink he said he had tried to stop before and that was the problem he only tried!!! So you have to make a decision and stick to it because if you just try you will fail. We don't try, we do, I know that they can quit but only if they want to!!!  Well you might have to go out with the missionaries more!!!  Wow Christmas is coming up soon! You better get to thinking what the kids want! Sounds like you are doing pretty good on the t-shirt business! So I will let you know when skype will be next week but when would be best for you guys?

Any news on package yet? I will know tomorrow
Skype?  you let me know the best time
How is your dog bite?  good
How are your lessons and contacts this week?  had 27 lessons and 35 contacts found a few new families
Do you have a house address so I can send some Christmas cards?  yes but I don't know it I will let you know next week
Favorite thing about your new area?its really not new I have 5 weeks in it but there are a lot of members in our area so that's nice and its beautiful
Is your apartment nicer than your last area? Oh yeah !
Tell me some interesting facts about Swaziland? There are only like 1000000 people here it is a kingdom a total monarchy people like to dress in traditional clothes and there are 4 branches in Swazi!

My memory card got a virus on it and now I cant see any pictures so I can't send any and they said they can't fix it here so I bought a new one and I wont send pictures because I don't want it to happen again these computers are sketchy I don't want to risk loosing all my pictures so Soren might have to fix my card when I get home!!!


Week 67 I hate them dang dogs!

Hey you are exactly right we will play soccer!!! I like soccer and no I am still not good at it.  Well sadly my letter wont be that long I had to write the thing for mission prep so now I don't have much time!! but yes,  we had a very busy week and the white Christmas doesn't apply to us here in Swaziland I almost know nothing about it we don't here much over here!! We have two families that are working on marriage documents they will be baptized the last week of Dec.

So yes go the the bank  and pay it off the lady said that when I took money off my personal account it didn't take it off of that card but it took it off my credit card because I pressed credit on the ATM so because the two cards are linked it took it off the credit card and I can't call them any more it costs a ton! It cost like 15 bucks last time I called!!!  This week I got bit by another dog, I hate them dang dogs! I am scared of them! hahaha  Well it sounds like Disneyland  was great!! I will answer questions now.
·        Did you do anything exciting today?  no
·        Have you seen anymore monkeys or giraffes?  yes, monkeys
·        Where did you see the giraffe was it on the side of the road? yes on the road
·        What has been your favorite area you have served in? that's a hard one maybe I don't know I love them all but my heart is probably where I started in Magoanine
·        How was your Thanksgiving? good
·        Do people like to take pictures of you because you are white and blonde? nope
·        Did you get your package? idk
·        How are your investigators? very good I will explain next week 
·        Any new contacts?  How many lessons did you have this week?  We had 35 contacts and 25 lessons
·        Do you get along with all the Elders in your Apartment? yes
·        What is so cool about Swaziland? Very mountainous 
·        How come we got a short letter last week?  Did you have some where to go? I was busy online on my credit card account so I used up all my time on that
 I Love you !!!! bye bye

Taylors letter he wrote for our Stakes Mission Prep class

 Going on a mission was the best decision that I have made so far.   At first I was going on a mission just because I was supposed to and it was the thing to do but as the time went on I realized that it was something God wanted me to do and I wanted to please him.   I won’t tell you the mission is easy because it definitely is not but I know that this work is God’s work.   Even though it is not easy and is sometimes disappointing, the parts that make it worth it are experiences that you will have, whether it be finding the golden family, seeing a family totally change or just making friends.  I can tell you that looking back so far on my mission I can’t really remember the sad and disappointing times even though I have had many all I can remember are the good, happy & life changing moments that the mission gives you.   I know there are some young men who think that the mission is not for them, this is false!   If you don't go on a mission you are choosing not to receive god’s blessings.  You have to decide if god’s blessings are worth it to you and your family.   I can tell you they are and you will not regret it if you go on a mission but if you don’t go you will have a life full of regret!!  God knows where you are to serve and where you are to teach.  He is preparing people just for you that maybe only could change, don’t let them loose the blessings because you decided not to go!!! I know that god loves each of us and the best way to show him that we love him is through our works and he has asked us to make this sacrifice and serve a mission it may be a hard thing to do but remember it’s not your parents or even your bishop that has asked you to serve but it is a commandment from God.   I know this church is true I know that joseph smith was a prophet of god I know that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Christ and that it can change lives.  I know this gospel blesses families because I have seen it I have seen the many blessing that this gospel brings to peoples life!  in   D&C 18: 15-16 it reads  15. And if it so be that you should labor all your days in crying repentance unto this people, and bring, save it be one  soul unto me, how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of my Father!
 16. And now, if your joy will be great with one soul that you   have brought unto me into the kingdom of my Father, how   great will be your joy if you should bring many souls unto me!
Even if you only baptize one person it will be worth it, your joy will be great.  I know that every soul in the sight of god is great and we have to do our best to bring them to Christ! Think about your mission pray about it and I know that you and your family and many other lives will be blessed as you serve your mission.
Elder Taylor Roberts

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Week 66 I saw impalas and a giraffe!

Hey!!!  So I am doing great!!  I don’t have many pictures today I forgot to take pictures of my area but I have a few!! I think I will be here in Swaziland for the rest of my mission!!! It’s good to hear that dad has been getting a lot of work! Is he still getting more?? I will have to admit I am a little jealous of you going to Disneyland but Africa is still better!!! This week was a great week!!
Monday: I just had family night with our investigators and said goodbye to them.  The Elder Boyd came to our house so I did meet him! ( a friend from high schools son)
Tuesday: woke up at two in the morning to drive to the mission office ( it was at two just because they were dropping off other missionaries whose flight came in late it only takes 45 min to drive there from Matola) and then we left the mission home at 10am and we drove to Swaziland. It was me and 3 other elders it took us only 4 hoursand on the way there we saw some impalas and a giraffe!!!!! It was sweet!!! We finally got to our house and I went shopping and we went out to work!! We have a river in our area and it is a very beautiful area but there are tons of hills!
Wed: it was just a long day of work so here we worked a lot harder and longer to get about the same results as in Mocambique!  My comp is a very hard worker which is great I love working with him!
Thursday: it was just a normal day and I would tell you the names of our investigators but I forgot their names they have very difficult names here and when they speak their language has clicks and tongues its very hard to learn!! The language is very close to Zulu!!!  We also found a guy from Mocambique so we got to speak Portuguese at him it was way nice!!!
Friday was a great day we had 9 lessons and 9 contacts I swear we walked like5000 miles that day knocking on every door!!! So most of our contacts are door contacts because there are only 1000000 people here so there aren’t as many on the road and here a lot of women live alone and don’t have husbands its very weird!!!
Saturday: we had district conference in Manzini!! So that was good
and Sunday we had the Sencon part in our branch building!! It was a broadcast that Elder Bednar and Elder Uchtdorf and Elder Gay spoke at  it was good!!
So are you speaking English? Yes well I am trying
How is your English? I can speak fine unless I am praying or talking about the gospel and then it’s hard I have to translate it all back to English but it’s getting easier. Sometimes during some of my prayers Portuguese words will slip in and when I am teaching they just look at me like I am an idiot it’s pretty funny!!
How many missionaries are in Swaziland?18
How many are in our apartment?4
Who is your new companion and where is he from? So his name is Elder Schachterle and he is from Vancouver Washington
How big is your branch? well this week we had a frequency of 118 so it is smaller than the branches in Mocambique but the church has had more time here
Biggest difference between Swaziland and Mozambique? well for one we speak English, most of the people here have a little more money, there are a lot of mountains, our area sucks because there are so many hills and my legs are sore, it is more Americanized, the church is stronger here, and the work is a little harder!!!
How many areas have you served in has it been 6? so my areas are Magoanine, Manga, Munhava, Matola, and now Ezulwini (where I am right now).
Is this place more Americanized? Yes very much so!!!!
Do they speak Swazi and do you have to learn another language or just English? they speak English and siSwati most everyone speaks English but we do have a few investigators that only speak the language siSwati so we have to bring translators
What are the land conditions like? foresty and mountainous Sandy no there is still a lot of poverty but not as much
Are there any sights in Swaziland that you want to see? well not that i know of yet
What are you doing for P-day? well we have thanksgiving dinner at the senior couples home today!!
Is this a hard area to teach people the gospel? No but it is harder than Matola!!!
I haven’t put any money in your account so don’t take any out I don’t want you to be overdrawn?  Hunter Wilkes works at the bank and he waived that $2.50 charge so you can check your balance in your account now without getting charged. Well thank you hunter!!!!!
So are you going back to the mission home for Christmas? Yes we will have a zone conference I was hoping you would get your box before Christmas so you could have your 12 days of Christmas?  I can just have the 12 days late What do you guys get to do for Christmas? Zone conference and I don’t know

Tell me the Elders names in your apartment so I can Blog stalk them. Elder Atkison, Elder Christensan. That's it for this week I love you guys!!!

Week 65 I got Transferred to SWAZILAND!!!!!

So I  got transferred  I am going to SWAZILAND!!!!! Holy Crap!!!!! and yes I  have been a little lazy on my emails!!!  but I am going to Swaziland and speaking English!!!! I  am scared!   I will try and do better on my emails!! So this week was very nice we had a family baptism and a young single lady!!! I will send pictures!!! It was a very stressful week and a very blessed week!!!

Monday: it was just a normal p-day!!  We had a lesson with a family helping them prepare for the temple! 
Tuesday:  was also a  good day we had 5 lessons 3 with members and we are teaching a nice new family who's names are Mode and Fina she just had a baby this last week!! It was like pouring all day we were soaked and my shoes were freaking muddy!!! hahah  but all in all it was a good day!!
Wed: it was a difficult day!!! We had one lesson and like 3 contacts!! It was still wet and rainy!!! hahah 
Thursday: was a normal day but in the middle of the day we got a call from our family that was to be baptized and they said they weren't going to be  baptized because they didn't have money to buy any thing for the wedding and they were scared because the parents were going to be mad so during the hole day I was thinking what to say and I thought of a great scripture (he gave the wrong reference or I would have put it in here) and that helped him a lot but she was really worrier so I asked her if she believed God could do miracles she said yes so we asked them to pray and ask for help!!
Friday: So we woke up and got a call from Mimo the guy who was getting married and he said they received the money necessary for the wedding!!! So that day was just preparing for the wedding we cleaned the chapel and in the middle of the day we got another call and they said they weren't getting married again because her family was really mad because he didn't pay lobollo ( the money for his wife) and they didn't inform any one so they were really mad and they didn't want to get married so we talked to them and talked and helped them!! 
Saturday: We had a wedding and a baptism!! there was three people who were baptized  Presiosa, Mimo, and  Elisa!!! It was a great day they were all happy it was awesome!!! It is crazy to see the change in the lives of these people and its crazy how the devil tries to stop these people because he knows that this is the truth and doesn't want to loose this family!!!   I will send pictures separate.  I am excited for this package you are sending me!!!! No I didn't see the video but i saw the link i have only gotten one of Saydis letters!! My new comp is Gregory Shacterle!! I am excited but nervous but hey my English will get better!!!! 
I love you have a good week!!

Oh and I forgot to say that weddings are the most stressful thing in the world if its not one thing its the other!! Our branch pres said the branch would provide the cake but I texted him the night before and he said  that he would not have the cake and we didn't have time to to make one so I had buy one  for 700 met and then we got called  and said the guy who was going to drive didn't have gas money and our family is really poor they didn't have money soIi had to pay 500 met so I spent in all like 1500 net on this wedding with all the other stuff!!!! but have a good week I love you!!!

Hi son are you still on?  Are you happy to be going to Swaziland?  Where is your new comp from? Do you need more money?  How much is 1500 met?
1500 like 50 bucks I don't know I am waiting to get reimbursed 1000 because I paid a plumber but that will take a few weeks I might be good!! I am happy but sad I don't want to leave Mocambique
Oh man Swaziland is far from the mission home and now you are not going to get your 12 days of Christmas package.

It is only 6 hours from the office but I will still get it just will be on Christmas day!!! hahah but its not a problem or if Pres. Kretly comes to Swazi he will bring it.  I have know more time I love you!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Week 64

Hey family this week has been good.  We have found a few new families.  Mom, the boosters sounds real fun. haha I hope Kinzie is alright. haha
Kneaders yummy I could go for some all you can eat french toast!!!
Its good that dad is getting more work!! That would be nice if dad got that big job.
So will the Wickenburg's Wild West run race be bigger this year?
And yes I got the video of the celebration.
Tobie it is ok to cry for not winning, I remember when we lost in the championship I cried as well!
So this week was just a normal week not much happened.


Will you have a transfer before Christmas? Yes next week!!
Now besides dr.Pepper, candy and butterfingers is there anything that you are really needing?  socks!!!! and all the kids loved the CTR rings.   sunflower seeds, bbq sauce,  Twizzlers, pop rocks, just surprise me on the rest!!
I am sending one big box or 2 boxes this week so you will get them in time for Christmas.  I have a few gifts for your companion also.
Do they already have Christmas stuff for sale in Africa like they do here?  They had it out before Halloween!! same here they started 3 weeks ago!!!
So what did you think of our costumes for Halloween?  The Gadianton Roberts Classic!!
Did you get the small video that Shantelle sent you?  yep
Have you ever had the spirit guide you on your mission don’t just give me a yes or no answer give details share your experience. Yes, its hard to say when but I think all the people we find we were led by the spirit!!!
What are you doing today? Well we did some service this morning and helped move a huge concrete lid!!
Anything exciting that is going on this week?  We have a family baptism and a wedding on Saturday
So do you get to have a thanksgiving there? NO ITS JUST A NORMAL DAY!! hahah i am excited about this christmas package!!! 
I love you guys!!

Week 63

This week I was able to chat back and forth with Taylor a little through email so this is bits of our conversation.  
What did you guys do today?  Did you type me a letter?   I am in the process of  writing it.  My companion  wanted to buy some stuff in the city that's why I am emailing so late. 
What time is it there and what are you doing for the rest of the day?  It is 5:00 p.m. and we have a lesson with a member and some contacts and that's about it.
Do they have Halloween there or is it an American thing?  No, we celebrated it by dressing up as missionaries and instead of getting candy we gave them the gospel. hahaHaha that was funny.  
Did you see dad and mine costume and kades.   Dad says hi and he loves you.  HI DAD!!!
 that would be awesome!!! 
How does the 15th of July sound for family vacation? the 15 of July sounds great!! 

Did you have any of your new contact families come to church this week?  YES ONLY ONE BUT HEY WE HAD ONE
Tell me some things about your companion? HE IS 22  Where is he from?  MARROMEU What does his family do?  WELL HIS PARENTS ARE DIVIORCED AND HE LIVED ALONE. 
How long has he been out? THIS IS HIS 3rd TRANSFER What does he want to do after his mission? WELL WE WANT TO BUY SOME MINI BUSES AND START A BUSINESS UP IN MARROUMEU.
 Hey Im not so sure I want you living in Africa??  I wont live in Africa I will just buy two 30 passenger buses and I will be at home and just receive money!! I could make a ton of money with this and that wont be my job just a side thing.
So are you thinking flight transportation, boat transportation or just buses?  WELL THAT WON'T BE MY JOB JUST A SIDE JOB   
Well definitely something to think about or you could buy a fishing boat?  But a fishing boat costs a but ton, theses buses only cost 5,000-10,000
So any other thing you want in your package? pop rocks!! they flip out here when you give them pop rocks!! Dr pepper and butter fingers candy
Anyone bugging you yet? NOT YET
Have you seen any monkeys yet?  I figured its been a while since I asked so I thought I would again. NO I AM IN THE CITY SO I WONT SEE THEM
What animal besides dogs and cats and goats do you see running around all the time.  Like here we see rabbits what do you see?   LOTS OF CHICKENS
So any idea yet of what classes you want to be taking at BYU? NO NOT YET
Any other American restaurants in your new area? No just KFC
You said the homes are a little nicer their so what do the majority of the people do for work there.  SO IN OUR AREA WE HAVE THE RICH OF THE RICH AND THE POOR OF THE POOR
So just wondering why do you pull all of your money out of your account and take it home?  JUST TO HAVE IT AT HOME

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


October 26, 2014

Heyy family so no I wasn't mad and I did not know that it costs 2.50 every time I check I though it was free so I always just checked!!  But I'm good on money its at home. It sounds like you guys had fun in Vegas!!! Has dad lost any weight since he started working out?? This week was good we found a few new families but sadly none came to church!!  We are always finding more and more people we just have to find the people that are ready to hear the message.   We got rained on pretty good yesterday we just walked in the rain and were soaked at the end. It was a pretty normal week nothing exciting happened.


Did you know you only have less than 8 months out in the field? YES Do you think you will get trunky? I KNOW I WILL GET TRUNKY I ALREADY AM HAHA Are you feeling ready to come home yet? IT WOULD BE NICE TO COME HOME BUT I KNOW I'M NOT READY I HAVE HAD MANY DREAMS THAT I CAME HOME EARLY  I WAKE UP AND FEEL TERRIBLE!!!
How are the marriage papers going for the couple you are working on? WELL AS FAR AS I KNOW THEY WILL BE MARRIED ON THE 15 OF NOVEMBER ALONG WITH A BAPTISM FOR ONE SINGLE LADY AND 2 YOUNG PEOPLE.
How is your new contact? Any new contacts this week? YES WE GOT A FEW NEW FAMILIES!!!
How are you liking your new companion? I LIKE HIM A LOT WE GET ALONG GREAT!!
Are you playing gatorball for PDay today?YES
So how was the talk from one of the 70’s? IT WAS GOOD 
Did you enjoy conference? What did you get out of conference.YES I LIKED IT!!
What weird thing happened to you this week?  NOTHING THAT WEIRD HAPPENED THIS WEEK
Share some pictures?YES


October 21,2014

Hey Family!!  Well this week I will not be able to send pictures but I am doing great and I don't know if I will be able to send an email today the internet stinks right now but I'm glad you all are doing good. Grandma Carol sent me a letter this week.  This week we dropped almost all of our families because they weren't  progressing but today we opened a wedding process the will be married on the 15 of November!! Does Saydi like her new job?  Mom something that helps is to do planning every day plan out your day and prioritize things.  These are things that our mission president said he does this for his job. this is what he showed us to plan according to this box and it helps!!!helps!!!

This week was a good week we had quite a few lessons and found 3 new families so that was nice!! We watched general conference this week!!! Finally!!! and we are just working hard but next week I will send all the pictures!!!! Tomorrow one of the presidents of the 70 is coming to talk to us and the people about creating stakes here!! 
So this week not much happened we had a huge rain storm on Friday we got out of a lesson late and and it was raining and then it started pouring and we couldn't get any cars to stop and give us ride so we walked like 20 min in just pouring rain we got home late and were just soaking wet. Our district leader got mad  us the next day!!! hahah 


Did any of your contacts turn into investigators this wee? . yes we got one new family Manuel and Naome! They are a very nice humble family they have 3 kids!!
How do you find your contacts? talk to people on the road house contacts, references!!! but mostly talk to people on the road
What are the names of all the Elders in your House and where are they from? Elder Tuigimala he is from Hawaii, Elder Palu is from California, Elder Vanluven is from Idaho, Elder Barrosso is from Brasil, Elder Jemuce, Elder Paulino, Elder Cateano is from Mocambique.
So when will you become a district leader or zone leader? Don't know
So how come you haven’t had to speak in church, is that common for the missionaries?  Have you had to speak at baptisms?  Have you had to teach any classes? i have taught like 5 classes and talked at a few baptisms but that's it   The missionaries here are doing that stuff all the time so I am trying to figure out why you haven’t had to do that. 
Do you know an Elder Boyd?  I went to school with his dad if you do. No i do not 
Do they have Seminary? yes they do
How far are you from the ocean? Is in my area I have pictures  next week
Is there some nice resorts there? VERY VERY NICE
What are you doing for P-Day Today? gator ball
How far are you from the mission home? 30- 40 min
 love you guys!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Week 60 Transferred but I just changed rooms!!

Hey family!! So just to clear things up I am still in the same apartment I just moved rooms!! haha we all call it America because that is where all the nice stores and restaurants are and there are some huge houses and paved roads!!! but as well in our area we have the poor of the poor!! so its a big mix of things over here!!! This area doesn't have a ton of members and my old comp stayed in the same area!! This week was really good we were very blessed!! We had 45 contacts and 17 new investigators!!! I loved the pictures send more!!! How are the kids doing in school? It sounds like Saydi is a boss at swimming!!! It sounds like you are doing good selling t shirts!!! Hows the work for dad? Is he staying busy? Tha'ts crazy the temple is sooo close!! It sounds like you guys are staying busy with the temple!!!  WHAT DISNEY LAND!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its okay Im over her in Africa its wayyy better than Disneyland!!


Are you able to print off  your letters and if so do you so you can read them later? yes but i just read them during internet
Can you receive videos?  I thought I asked that before but I don’t remember?yes
Can you tell me your release date again? June 15
Whats your favorite thing about your new area? I don't know yet  but its really close to our house
What are some different things that you like in your new area?  paved roads no sand haha 
Even though you are only ten minutes from your old area is there anything that you want to go see or visit? There is a museum in my area but its not open yet
Have you spoke in your ward yet?  nope hahahah!!!!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Taylors Testimony

 I have a testimony that this is the work of the Lord. I have seen the change in many people and have seen the happiness it has brought to them!! I know that the Book of Mormon and the Bible work together so that we can have the fullness of the gospel!! I know that Jospeh Smith was a prophet of God and that God loves us!!! I know that God is the same yesterday today and forever and that he talked with prophets and talks with prophets today!!! I know Thomas S. Monson is our prophet today and that he receives revelation from God!!! I know that this is the only true gospel and I am happy to be apart of it!!!  I know that god will forgive us from our sins as long as we come before him in humility and that families are central to Gods plan!!!

Week 59 Transfers

October 6, 2014

Hi Family so this may or may not be a short letter!!!  I haven't decided yet! We had transfers!!!!! I am going to Matola 1B it is in the same ward but on the other side of Matola.   My area is like America I have the nicest area!!! haha and my new comp is Elder Jemucie he is from here from Marroumeu!!! So this week was a good week it was just a normal week not much changed did a lot of contacts and only found one new family but the work is coming my comp is all good  he is not sick any more and I  never get sick! That sucks the we lost against Parker! We get to watch conference next week I think, but iI will download it and listen to it today!!! It sounds like you week was good I will send pics and answer questions!!! Oh and we had a baptism this week for a guy named Samson!! So that was nice!!


So how are all of your clothes and shoes doing?Are thy holding up?  Do you need something or you able to get what you need there?  my shoes are great but my shirts are a little yellow and I have a few rips in my pants but its all good!! I should be good maybe one or two more shirts short sleeve 15 1/2 but its not a huge deal! 
Have you thought about what you would like in your Christmas package?DR PEPPER!!! CANDY!! 
So send me some pictures of everyone in your apt. and I would love more pictures of you with some of the members maybe the houses they live in and send a picture of your ward building?  OK I WILL
Any new contacts this week?  yes
Spiritual Experience this week? had a baptism of Samson so that was nice!!
What was your low this week? none
Are you emailing Matt, Marissa, logan and Josh? sometimes
How is the weather? windy
I love you guys i will send pictures!!!!

 Samson with Americo and Celia they will be baptized after he pays the lobolo (dowrey) or whatever its called he has to pay her parents 25000 MT which is about 1000 bucks

​ members and their house

Week 58 My companion got hit by a truck

September 30,2014

Hey family how are you? That's a pretty funny story about  Aunt Kathy haha I have never even heard that story!!! and mom it sounds like you are getting old!!!  I sounds like you are staying busy but dads work is a little slow!!!  I am happy that Tobie is doing better and that Saydi did good in her swim meet and she got a job!!! and for the Christmas package I would love some DR pepper!!!  It is possible to send Elder Kitchen was sent some, his mom sent him 3 bottles and just put them in plastic bags so if they exploded they wouldn't ruin any thing!!  The muffin mix was great and instead of the brownies this time  lemon poppy seed and I love candy and butter fingers are great I can buy Kit Kats here and Snickers but not butter fingers and as for my clothes I could use one more pair of pants and 2 more white shirts but I might be able to find those here!!! This week was good had a great zone conference on how to be more efficient in our work it was really good!!
This week was still difficult because we didn't have much time to work because of zone conference! but all in all it wasn't a terrible week!!   My comp got hit by a truck last night that was pretty funny!! he is all good.  I am sorry for the short letter I love you guys a lot!!! Have a good rest of the week!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week 57

Hey family!!
Sounds like you guys are having fun over there!!!! I miss you guys a lot!  WELL THIS WEEK WAS ANOTHER WEEK!! Elder Palu was sick on Monday and Tuesday so we didn't work and sitting inside stinks!!! I get really stressed because I don't like getting bad stats! but finally he got better on wed!! So we went out and tried to do some contacts and only got 2 and that night only had like one lesson!! So that was a pretty sucky day!! Thursday was a freaking busy day!! We had 4 lessons in the morning and after that we helped carry a bunch of stuff that were in bags to Americos  little store for him!! We ended up carrying like 80 pound big bags like 3/4 of a mile in the sand in hot humid weather!!! it sucked!!! hahaha  but we got her done!!! we found a new family that morning!!! they were a nice family and said they would come to church!!! Friday was just a normal day had i think 3 lessons and like 5 contacts so not a bad day!!! Saturday we didn't work we had a meeting and someone from the 70 came and talked to all the members and us so another day without any lessons and then on Sunday we went to pick up that new family but they didn't come so we were pretty disappointed about that but had a 3 lessons so it was a decent day! but that was my week not much happened!!

Did you get all the pictures I emailed? I think i did
I got yours please email more.  We love pictures!!
Any new contacts or investigators this week? yeah one family
So when are your next transfers? 2 weeks
Do you guys play any pranks on each other? yes
Do you have scary spiders, mice or creepy crawlies that come into your apartment? Spiders and cockroaches but tha's it
Have you came across any rabid animals? no
Is there lots of stray animals there? yes cats dogs and chickens everywhere!!!
So did you have to teach on Sunday? not this sunday but next
What are you doing for P-day! gator ball

Week 56

Well hello family,
 This week was a little rough we didn't get much done but it sound like you guys are staying really busy!!  That is a sick job that dad had! Do you remember what I got on the ACT I think I got like a ?? or ?? how many more times can she take the ACT? I miss the rattle snake killing!!! Well it looks like you guys will have lots of weed pulling this year because of the rain!!!!  I haven't seen a primary program but they might have them. Stake camp director that sounds fun!! and I am still not sure what I will do when I get back work with Josh or Dad or find a job, I want to get my CDL as well but I'm not sure what I will do. Yes, the money  is just because I lost the phone and gave a family money, I gave them 30 bucks and yes 100 dollars is enough I wont need more.

Monday: We had to go get a new phone at the office we got there and no one was there so we ended waiting 2 hours and then they said they couldn't do anything until Tuesday but on Tuesday we had a funeral so we didn't get the phone until Wednesday but we wasted like 4 or 5 hours jut to not get our phone!!!
Tues: P-day we did internet and went to the funeral. It was good but it was one of the saddest funerals I have ever been to!!(I sent pictures of the family and their mom that died)

Wed: Just a normal day we couldn't do anything until the afternoon because we didn't have a phone!! but we passed by our investigators houses.

Thursday: was just another day we got a lot of contacts that day and a few lessons!!

 Friday: after we studied we got a call from one of our investigators and he asked if we could come over and pray for him so we thought that he was sick so I asked him what was the matter he said I want to open my little store can yo give it a blessing!!! hahah so we went over and dedicated his little store!!!
Sun: MY COMP WAS SICK we didnt do anything on these days it was rough!!!

So what was the African Holiday last Monday? Day of Victory I don't know what it is though
Is there any place in Mozambique that you want to go visit? Yes but they are far away so I cant visit them!!!
Why don’t you go visit places on P-day besides just playing gator ball ? they are all to far away!!!
So you look a little more muscular, were you flexing extra hard, haha or have you been working out? Been working out we work out both morning and night!!!
Send more PIcturES!
Did you read Saydi’s blessing? Yes
Is it hard to read letters in English or just to speak and write it? Just write and speak it sometimes
Are you wanting Christmas packages or Christmas Money? Dr pepper would be nice but if not I like money but I will think it through
Have you received any hand written letters?  yes from Grandma Carol!!!
What was your spiritual high point of the week? We didn't work much this week but next week for sure
What are you learning most about yourself since you have been on your mission? like I said before I want to be very successful and I just want to do better!!
What has made your testimony grow the most? seeing the families change you watch them from when they start and they grow a ton they are happier!!!
But thats all for this week !!!!
Love Elder Roberts

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Week 55 Goal for the week FIND, FIND, FIND

Hello family! Not much new here in Matola. We are just doing the work of the lord and we didn't have transfers soon we had them 7 weeks ago.   I am sad I am missing out on the great monsoons. How's the high school football team looking this year? Send me some pictures of the boys playing ball I want to see them! (I asked the question if Mozambicans get offended easily) yes Mozambicans get offended way easy as well, if they offer you food and you turn it down they wont like you! No I usually don't read their blogs I don't have time!! Sorry it is hard to write a long letter at times one because I am tired two I don't have much time three I don't know what to write about.
This week was another tough week we did a lot of contacting but out of all the people we contacted we only had 2 lessons!!!So that was pretty tough, its hard to do contacts because its almost a waste of time because almost every one we do the lessons fall but one of the first lessons we taught didn't even live in our area so that was frustrating. but the one family we did find was nice and actually they are a neighbor to one of our other investigators!! One of our families Felix and Rosa that are trying to get baptized she said she doesn't want to be baptized, so that was disappointing. She said that she doesn't feel right being baptized again. so we are going over tomorrow to explain the whole authority thing with her again!!!   So yeah our goal this week is FIND FIND FIND!! Well that's it for the week.
I Love You Guys!!! 
Have a great Week!!!


So you have another elder in your apartment that is from AZ?  What part of AZ is he from? HE IS FROM SCOTTSDALE!! 

So who replaced Elder Keck in your apartment? ELDER CAYTAENO HE IS FROM MANGA  

So what part of Idaho is Elder Van Leuvan from? IDAHO

So did Elder Jeumece get his Visa to serve in Angola yet? YES HE SHOULD LEAVE NEXT WEEK

Do you get to do divisions much with Elder Rebollo? TWO EVERY TRANSFER

So is fun to have 8 of you in an apartment?  YES AND NO YOU HAVE TO CLEAN A LOT MORE BUT HAVE MORE PEOPLE TO MESS WITH

Did you forget how to write in English? YES I CANT EVEN SPEAK MY GRAMMAR IS ALL MESSED UP Is that why your letters are so short and the punctuation is well to say the very least declining haha? ( Keep writing letters we can get past the punctuation but just to let you know you are on the stake blog and you have a lot of people reading your letters.)

So are you handing out the toys and the CTR rings that I sent you? Do the kids like them? YES THE KIDS LOVE THEM!

So what are your goals for the week? 

Do you keep your apartment clean?  Have your cleaning skills improved or have they gotten worse? BEM THEY ARE BETTER THAN WHEN I WAS HOME BUT WORSE SCINCE I GOT ON THE MISSION

So what do you do on Sunday at church?  Do you teach gospel Doctrine?  Have you had to speak in church yet? I WATCH CHURCH BUT NEXT WEEK I HAVE TO TEACH A TEMPLE PREP CLASS

Did you feel like your were getting yelled at in last weeks letter? NO I KINDA KNEW IT WAS COMING! (overspending i had to write some of my letter in all caps haha) 

So I was just wondering what did you spend all  your.. I mean my money on, was it stuff to help other families or just stuff? BOTH MY COMP LOST HIS WALLETT ACTUALLY GOT IT STOLEN SO HE HAD NONE SO I USED MINE FOR HIM!
Are you keeping track of how much money you are spending? I AM NOW AND I DIDNT MEAN TO OVER DRAW THE ATM.  I JUST TOOK OUT WHAT IT SAID I HAD IN IT

Did you buy the cake for the wedding you guys had a couple of weeks ago?  YES Did you help at all in making those disaster cakes? BUT THE DISATER CAKE WASNT ME MINE LOOK GOOD!!

What new families are you teaching this week?  TOMAS AND ENYGENCIA WE FOUND THEM ON SATURDAY THEY ARE A NICE COUPLE

What was your high for the week? ONE NEW FAMILY


Kinzies question is what tribe is most of the people there from like in our blessings most of us are from the tribe of Ephriam? I DON't KNOW WE DON'T HAVE A PATRIARCH HERE BECAUSE THEIR ARE NO STAKES.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Week 54 Not much has changed

Hello family!!! This week we had transfers and I am staying with my comp not much has changed in my area its starting to get hotter and hotter!!! That's crazy about the rain!! That's good that you are bidding a lot of jobs!! I remember school, football , grades and everything!! I loved Mr. Clementz that was my favorite class all you have to do is take notes and write everything he writes on the board and study that, and you will pass. Sorry about the money it wont happen again. And the bacon pizza is a bbq chicken banana wrapped in bacon pizza!!
Do you have any pictures for us this week?  Are you allowed to carry your camera around all the time? I have pictures but the dang internet is to slow!!
So what do most of the people in this area that you are in right now do for work? guard or work at the porrt
 Are you enjoying your new area? love it
How many members are in your branch? this week we had 204 people at church
Is this branch stronger than your last branch? yes
Seen any cool things or eaten anything disgusting or yummy recently? Not that i can think of
Did you hear about the 3 missionaries that died this week?  Two were from Taiwan and died of carbon monoxide poisoning so so sad and the other one was in a car accident.  That scares me and I feel so very sad for their families.  no
What are you doing for p-day today? gator ball
Did you hear that there was a big earthquake in CA this morning? no
love you!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

WEEK 53 I Actually have Ebola!

My week has been good! The weather is hot as always and its not cooling down its heating up remember we are on the other side of the world!! No there was a storm and the power was out and then the internet went out!!(Why they had no power last week)  Tell Tobie to work harder than the other people and he will play and (regarding the position he is playing in football)Tobie I want to see a picture of him!! Can he beat me up yet?? and its good to know that I wont have any clothes when I get home!! (Tobie has out grown all his clothes and got in to Taylor's box of clothes) yeah Mrs. Cole is a great math teacher and I hated Algebra 2 I sucked at it as well but I also didn't try because I thought it was hard! haha  and CAN YOU FIND OUT WHEN I HAVE TO REGISTER FOR BYU AND ALL OF THAT AND SIGN UP FOR CLASSES AND GET HOUSING BECAUSE I WILL LEAVE FOR COLLEGE IN AUGUST OF NEXT YEAR. Kade  is to smart! Sounds like work is picking up a little which is good did you know I wont be able to give blood when I get home because I have spent two years in Africa.


Q. Did you get your package yet? If so tell me what you liked about it? YES I GOT IT I LIKED EVERYTHING THE BROWINIES THE BLUE BERRY MUFFINS THE BBQ ALL OF IT IS NICE
 Q.  Do you live by ocean?  If so do you ever get to go down to it?  What are their beaches like?I LIVE AN HOUR AWAY WE USALLY DONT GO BUT THEY ARE NICE BUT CANT SWIM!!
Q.  How is your companion? I LIKE HIM WE GET ALONG GREAT
Q.  What are the other Elders name that live in your Apt.? WE HAVE 8  WE HAVE ELDER KECK, VAN LEUVEN, REINSTAIN,JEMUCIE,THOMAS,PALU,RBOLLO, AND ME
Q. Has there been anybody that has bugged the c-rap out of you? NO NOT REALLY
Q.  Does this place have chameleons there?NO
Q.  So I take it you are more in the city? KIND OF BUT NOT REALLY 
Q.  Are you allowed to eat at the members home?NO
Q.  Did you find any new investigators this week?YES
Q.  What are you doing for P-day?GATOR BALL
Q.  Has there been a time on your mission where the spirit has prompted you to do or say something?YES
Q.  Ebola isn't spreading to your part of the country is it?  Have you heard anything about it?I ACTUALLY I HAVE EBOLA!!  HAHAH NO ITS NOT HERE

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Week 52 Super short letter

Heyy family, this week was good but this will be a short letter the power was out all day and I don't have much time to write!! but this week was good we found some new families it was pretty good! I am sorry I dont have much time but I love you and have a good week.

Week 53 Ebola! I don't think it's a problem here!

Hey family!!!  This week was a good week it was a little tough but we will work through the difficulties! I will say Tobie looks like a stud with his braces off!!! and I miss fishing!! hahah and crud the kids start school way soon!! and when they get done I will be home shortly after!!!! and are the washes running a lot? And a tornado!!!!! what??? that's crazy!! and yeah about the fishing Josh and I have talked a little about that and I would love to do that!!!(Referring to fishing in Alaska)
So how many missionaries are in your apartment? 8
Did you get our package yet?  I’m trying to see how long it takes to get there so I can gauge your Christmas/b-day package to arrive on time. NOT YET!
(I won’t post anything that shouldn't be posted)
Have any of your companions ever bugged you? THEY ALL GET ON YOUR NERVES AFTER LIVING WITH THEM BUT NOT REALLY!!!
So I have heard they have moved the missionaries from 2 West Africa missions because of a virus that is killing people.  Have you heard of that and is there any concern in South Africa.  The virus is called Ebola?NOPE I AIN'T WORRIED
What is gator ball? A MIX OF SOCCER AND FOOTBALL
Are you doing anything exciting for P-day?  Is there anything in Matola that you want to go and do? GATOR BALL
Any funny stories that you would like to share? THIS WEEK I DON'T THINK SO
MON We went and had a family night at Amerigos house!!! That was great I made Texas sheet cake and let me tell you Mozambicans love Texas sheet cake!!!!! We played spot it and that got pretty crazy!!! haha they don't like losing!!!! So that was fun!!
Tues: was just a normal day we taught and that's it!!
Wed:  another day and we went to Amerigos house and we did some magic tricks for them and they flipped it was funny!!!
Thursday: studied  and weekly planning and work we had a lot of lessons fall this week!!!
Friday: we had a zone training we talked about working in all the phases so that was good!! and after we ate food with the zone!!
Sat:  we left at 1 pm and worked until 9 it was a long day and almost everything fell so we did contacts all day without much success.
Sunday:  we went home ate and left and had another long day we taught Felix and Rosita the law of chastity they had lots of doubts so we will go over tomorrow and talk with them!! and the one guy that came to church last week danile he couldn't come to church because they went to a wedding!! so that was sad but we will visit them tonight!!! so I am excited about that!!
Elder Roberts
P.S. sorry to say this dad but in the pictures you are looking a little fatter!!!! but i still love you !!!! haha Have a good week everyone!!!!!!

So about that virus have you heard of it there?  It is spread by saliva, pee or and body fluids
today was the 1st time i dont think it is a problem here