Saturday, December 27, 2014

Week 68 Skype is coming

I am doing very good and very tired but I don't remember a time on the mission that I wasn't tired!!! Ok it's good that you got the card taken care of!! The dog bite wasn't a bad bite but it ripped my pants I just got a little bruise!! I HATE DOGS!!!   That's good that the school has a good choir now!! I want to see some pictures of  Kinzie and Seans new home. Where is it located?
We run into a lot of people in Africa who drink excessively, almost every person we meet has been drinking for a long time but  I have seen them change!! Even my old comp Elder Victor drank  lot before he was a member but the thing that helped him the most was he made the decision not to drink he said he had tried to stop before and that was the problem he only tried!!! So you have to make a decision and stick to it because if you just try you will fail. We don't try, we do, I know that they can quit but only if they want to!!!  Well you might have to go out with the missionaries more!!!  Wow Christmas is coming up soon! You better get to thinking what the kids want! Sounds like you are doing pretty good on the t-shirt business! So I will let you know when skype will be next week but when would be best for you guys?

Any news on package yet? I will know tomorrow
Skype?  you let me know the best time
How is your dog bite?  good
How are your lessons and contacts this week?  had 27 lessons and 35 contacts found a few new families
Do you have a house address so I can send some Christmas cards?  yes but I don't know it I will let you know next week
Favorite thing about your new area?its really not new I have 5 weeks in it but there are a lot of members in our area so that's nice and its beautiful
Is your apartment nicer than your last area? Oh yeah !
Tell me some interesting facts about Swaziland? There are only like 1000000 people here it is a kingdom a total monarchy people like to dress in traditional clothes and there are 4 branches in Swazi!

My memory card got a virus on it and now I cant see any pictures so I can't send any and they said they can't fix it here so I bought a new one and I wont send pictures because I don't want it to happen again these computers are sketchy I don't want to risk loosing all my pictures so Soren might have to fix my card when I get home!!!


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