Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week 57

Hey family!!
Sounds like you guys are having fun over there!!!! I miss you guys a lot!  WELL THIS WEEK WAS ANOTHER WEEK!! Elder Palu was sick on Monday and Tuesday so we didn't work and sitting inside stinks!!! I get really stressed because I don't like getting bad stats! but finally he got better on wed!! So we went out and tried to do some contacts and only got 2 and that night only had like one lesson!! So that was a pretty sucky day!! Thursday was a freaking busy day!! We had 4 lessons in the morning and after that we helped carry a bunch of stuff that were in bags to Americos  little store for him!! We ended up carrying like 80 pound big bags like 3/4 of a mile in the sand in hot humid weather!!! it sucked!!! hahaha  but we got her done!!! we found a new family that morning!!! they were a nice family and said they would come to church!!! Friday was just a normal day had i think 3 lessons and like 5 contacts so not a bad day!!! Saturday we didn't work we had a meeting and someone from the 70 came and talked to all the members and us so another day without any lessons and then on Sunday we went to pick up that new family but they didn't come so we were pretty disappointed about that but had a 3 lessons so it was a decent day! but that was my week not much happened!!

Did you get all the pictures I emailed? I think i did
I got yours please email more.  We love pictures!!
Any new contacts or investigators this week? yeah one family
So when are your next transfers? 2 weeks
Do you guys play any pranks on each other? yes
Do you have scary spiders, mice or creepy crawlies that come into your apartment? Spiders and cockroaches but tha's it
Have you came across any rabid animals? no
Is there lots of stray animals there? yes cats dogs and chickens everywhere!!!
So did you have to teach on Sunday? not this sunday but next
What are you doing for P-day! gator ball

Week 56

Well hello family,
 This week was a little rough we didn't get much done but it sound like you guys are staying really busy!!  That is a sick job that dad had! Do you remember what I got on the ACT I think I got like a ?? or ?? how many more times can she take the ACT? I miss the rattle snake killing!!! Well it looks like you guys will have lots of weed pulling this year because of the rain!!!!  I haven't seen a primary program but they might have them. Stake camp director that sounds fun!! and I am still not sure what I will do when I get back work with Josh or Dad or find a job, I want to get my CDL as well but I'm not sure what I will do. Yes, the money  is just because I lost the phone and gave a family money, I gave them 30 bucks and yes 100 dollars is enough I wont need more.

Monday: We had to go get a new phone at the office we got there and no one was there so we ended waiting 2 hours and then they said they couldn't do anything until Tuesday but on Tuesday we had a funeral so we didn't get the phone until Wednesday but we wasted like 4 or 5 hours jut to not get our phone!!!
Tues: P-day we did internet and went to the funeral. It was good but it was one of the saddest funerals I have ever been to!!(I sent pictures of the family and their mom that died)

Wed: Just a normal day we couldn't do anything until the afternoon because we didn't have a phone!! but we passed by our investigators houses.

Thursday: was just another day we got a lot of contacts that day and a few lessons!!

 Friday: after we studied we got a call from one of our investigators and he asked if we could come over and pray for him so we thought that he was sick so I asked him what was the matter he said I want to open my little store can yo give it a blessing!!! hahah so we went over and dedicated his little store!!!
Sun: MY COMP WAS SICK we didnt do anything on these days it was rough!!!

So what was the African Holiday last Monday? Day of Victory I don't know what it is though
Is there any place in Mozambique that you want to go visit? Yes but they are far away so I cant visit them!!!
Why don’t you go visit places on P-day besides just playing gator ball ? they are all to far away!!!
So you look a little more muscular, were you flexing extra hard, haha or have you been working out? Been working out we work out both morning and night!!!
Send more PIcturES!
Did you read Saydi’s blessing? Yes
Is it hard to read letters in English or just to speak and write it? Just write and speak it sometimes
Are you wanting Christmas packages or Christmas Money? Dr pepper would be nice but if not I like money but I will think it through
Have you received any hand written letters?  yes from Grandma Carol!!!
What was your spiritual high point of the week? We didn't work much this week but next week for sure
What are you learning most about yourself since you have been on your mission? like I said before I want to be very successful and I just want to do better!!
What has made your testimony grow the most? seeing the families change you watch them from when they start and they grow a ton they are happier!!!
But thats all for this week !!!!
Love Elder Roberts

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Week 55 Goal for the week FIND, FIND, FIND

Hello family! Not much new here in Matola. We are just doing the work of the lord and we didn't have transfers soon we had them 7 weeks ago.   I am sad I am missing out on the great monsoons. How's the high school football team looking this year? Send me some pictures of the boys playing ball I want to see them! (I asked the question if Mozambicans get offended easily) yes Mozambicans get offended way easy as well, if they offer you food and you turn it down they wont like you! No I usually don't read their blogs I don't have time!! Sorry it is hard to write a long letter at times one because I am tired two I don't have much time three I don't know what to write about.
This week was another tough week we did a lot of contacting but out of all the people we contacted we only had 2 lessons!!!So that was pretty tough, its hard to do contacts because its almost a waste of time because almost every one we do the lessons fall but one of the first lessons we taught didn't even live in our area so that was frustrating. but the one family we did find was nice and actually they are a neighbor to one of our other investigators!! One of our families Felix and Rosa that are trying to get baptized she said she doesn't want to be baptized, so that was disappointing. She said that she doesn't feel right being baptized again. so we are going over tomorrow to explain the whole authority thing with her again!!!   So yeah our goal this week is FIND FIND FIND!! Well that's it for the week.
I Love You Guys!!! 
Have a great Week!!!


So you have another elder in your apartment that is from AZ?  What part of AZ is he from? HE IS FROM SCOTTSDALE!! 

So who replaced Elder Keck in your apartment? ELDER CAYTAENO HE IS FROM MANGA  

So what part of Idaho is Elder Van Leuvan from? IDAHO

So did Elder Jeumece get his Visa to serve in Angola yet? YES HE SHOULD LEAVE NEXT WEEK

Do you get to do divisions much with Elder Rebollo? TWO EVERY TRANSFER

So is fun to have 8 of you in an apartment?  YES AND NO YOU HAVE TO CLEAN A LOT MORE BUT HAVE MORE PEOPLE TO MESS WITH

Did you forget how to write in English? YES I CANT EVEN SPEAK MY GRAMMAR IS ALL MESSED UP Is that why your letters are so short and the punctuation is well to say the very least declining haha? ( Keep writing letters we can get past the punctuation but just to let you know you are on the stake blog and you have a lot of people reading your letters.)

So are you handing out the toys and the CTR rings that I sent you? Do the kids like them? YES THE KIDS LOVE THEM!

So what are your goals for the week? 

Do you keep your apartment clean?  Have your cleaning skills improved or have they gotten worse? BEM THEY ARE BETTER THAN WHEN I WAS HOME BUT WORSE SCINCE I GOT ON THE MISSION

So what do you do on Sunday at church?  Do you teach gospel Doctrine?  Have you had to speak in church yet? I WATCH CHURCH BUT NEXT WEEK I HAVE TO TEACH A TEMPLE PREP CLASS

Did you feel like your were getting yelled at in last weeks letter? NO I KINDA KNEW IT WAS COMING! (overspending i had to write some of my letter in all caps haha) 

So I was just wondering what did you spend all  your.. I mean my money on, was it stuff to help other families or just stuff? BOTH MY COMP LOST HIS WALLETT ACTUALLY GOT IT STOLEN SO HE HAD NONE SO I USED MINE FOR HIM!
Are you keeping track of how much money you are spending? I AM NOW AND I DIDNT MEAN TO OVER DRAW THE ATM.  I JUST TOOK OUT WHAT IT SAID I HAD IN IT

Did you buy the cake for the wedding you guys had a couple of weeks ago?  YES Did you help at all in making those disaster cakes? BUT THE DISATER CAKE WASNT ME MINE LOOK GOOD!!

What new families are you teaching this week?  TOMAS AND ENYGENCIA WE FOUND THEM ON SATURDAY THEY ARE A NICE COUPLE

What was your high for the week? ONE NEW FAMILY


Kinzies question is what tribe is most of the people there from like in our blessings most of us are from the tribe of Ephriam? I DON't KNOW WE DON'T HAVE A PATRIARCH HERE BECAUSE THEIR ARE NO STAKES.