Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week 57

Hey family!!
Sounds like you guys are having fun over there!!!! I miss you guys a lot!  WELL THIS WEEK WAS ANOTHER WEEK!! Elder Palu was sick on Monday and Tuesday so we didn't work and sitting inside stinks!!! I get really stressed because I don't like getting bad stats! but finally he got better on wed!! So we went out and tried to do some contacts and only got 2 and that night only had like one lesson!! So that was a pretty sucky day!! Thursday was a freaking busy day!! We had 4 lessons in the morning and after that we helped carry a bunch of stuff that were in bags to Americos  little store for him!! We ended up carrying like 80 pound big bags like 3/4 of a mile in the sand in hot humid weather!!! it sucked!!! hahaha  but we got her done!!! we found a new family that morning!!! they were a nice family and said they would come to church!!! Friday was just a normal day had i think 3 lessons and like 5 contacts so not a bad day!!! Saturday we didn't work we had a meeting and someone from the 70 came and talked to all the members and us so another day without any lessons and then on Sunday we went to pick up that new family but they didn't come so we were pretty disappointed about that but had a 3 lessons so it was a decent day! but that was my week not much happened!!

Did you get all the pictures I emailed? I think i did
I got yours please email more.  We love pictures!!
Any new contacts or investigators this week? yeah one family
So when are your next transfers? 2 weeks
Do you guys play any pranks on each other? yes
Do you have scary spiders, mice or creepy crawlies that come into your apartment? Spiders and cockroaches but tha's it
Have you came across any rabid animals? no
Is there lots of stray animals there? yes cats dogs and chickens everywhere!!!
So did you have to teach on Sunday? not this sunday but next
What are you doing for P-day! gator ball

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