Sunday, April 19, 2015

Week 85 65 Days and counting....

Hey family this week was a good week it sounds like you guys are staying busy! Nothing really cool or special happened this week but it was a good one and hoping to improve until the end!!
On Monday we hiked old mans head again saw some huge lizards and also we had a family night at a members house with President Machava (the branch pres.) it was really good we talked about temples and we are trying to get like 4 or 5 families to the temples because none of the people here have been yet!! Right now our job is to get them there and it is a big sacrifice for them for passports it is about 100 bucks a person so if they have children which most have three or more it costs a lot and then they have the travel costs and everything else.
Tuesday was a holiday women's day so there wasn't much work done on that day no one was home so it wasn't a very successful day. 
Wednesday was just a normal day we just did the normal routine.
Thursday and Friday were normal as well.  Saturday we were supposed to have an activity where all the members come in the morning and then we go visit all the less actives but no one came haha
We had English class and we made chicken burritos!!! 
Sunady was a good day, we had 6 investigating families at church my comp gave a talk he was called at 8 in the morning to give it and I taught elders quorum and was advised with no time in advance. but it was a good Sunday
so as of now we have a big teaching pool we have 7  families.
1. Chavier and Vaida  they are a very nice family the have 4 daughters that are members they are planning on getting married
2. Chuva and Eugenia he is a member but she isn't and they are not married so we are working with them
3. Luis and Manhina same story as Chuva the are working on documents to get married.
4. Giliberto and Mamuna this is the family we found by accident thinking it was their neighbors but they are doing good and are working on getting married.
6. Joao and Fatima the neighbors of Giliberto they as well are working on getting married
7. Domingos and Olaria they have the documents to get married but are having problems in their relationship so we have to do some counseling with them. 
but I am loving it up here in Chimoio I love you have a great week!!

Week 84 The countdown is on!!

I'm doing great well they don't really do anything here for Easter. How were the talks at conference? I am jealous about the crepes.  This week was good we just worked and did what we always do we had to fill up the water tank again so that stunk and today we don't have water either.
Did you know you have 72 days left! actually 70
How is Chimioi? I love it
How is your companion? awesome
Does your companion have a blog? no
How many are in your branch?  this week we had 114 in the branch
Do you find the church is ran differently in the different areas you are in? yes and no every president has his way of doing things but for the most part it is the same
What are you going to do for p-day today? going to hike Cabeca do Velho(The Old mans head)
What is the first thing you want to do when you get home? go to the dentist and the chiropractor Haha
How are the families your are teaching?  Well we are dropping Domingos and Olaria because they haven't done much since I have been here.
Do you have any baptisms scheduled? yes at the end of the month we have two and hopefully more
The best thing about this new area?  The people are very accepting and there are no other elders here to tell you what to do.
The worst thing about this area? there isn't one.
Is this area a little more poor than the other areas?  Well we have the whole city so there are poor parts and rich parts
love you