Saturday, October 18, 2014

Week 60 Transferred but I just changed rooms!!

Hey family!! So just to clear things up I am still in the same apartment I just moved rooms!! haha we all call it America because that is where all the nice stores and restaurants are and there are some huge houses and paved roads!!! but as well in our area we have the poor of the poor!! so its a big mix of things over here!!! This area doesn't have a ton of members and my old comp stayed in the same area!! This week was really good we were very blessed!! We had 45 contacts and 17 new investigators!!! I loved the pictures send more!!! How are the kids doing in school? It sounds like Saydi is a boss at swimming!!! It sounds like you are doing good selling t shirts!!! Hows the work for dad? Is he staying busy? Tha'ts crazy the temple is sooo close!! It sounds like you guys are staying busy with the temple!!!  WHAT DISNEY LAND!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its okay Im over her in Africa its wayyy better than Disneyland!!


Are you able to print off  your letters and if so do you so you can read them later? yes but i just read them during internet
Can you receive videos?  I thought I asked that before but I don’t remember?yes
Can you tell me your release date again? June 15
Whats your favorite thing about your new area? I don't know yet  but its really close to our house
What are some different things that you like in your new area?  paved roads no sand haha 
Even though you are only ten minutes from your old area is there anything that you want to go see or visit? There is a museum in my area but its not open yet
Have you spoke in your ward yet?  nope hahahah!!!!

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