Thursday, November 13, 2014

Week 64

Hey family this week has been good.  We have found a few new families.  Mom, the boosters sounds real fun. haha I hope Kinzie is alright. haha
Kneaders yummy I could go for some all you can eat french toast!!!
Its good that dad is getting more work!! That would be nice if dad got that big job.
So will the Wickenburg's Wild West run race be bigger this year?
And yes I got the video of the celebration.
Tobie it is ok to cry for not winning, I remember when we lost in the championship I cried as well!
So this week was just a normal week not much happened.


Will you have a transfer before Christmas? Yes next week!!
Now besides dr.Pepper, candy and butterfingers is there anything that you are really needing?  socks!!!! and all the kids loved the CTR rings.   sunflower seeds, bbq sauce,  Twizzlers, pop rocks, just surprise me on the rest!!
I am sending one big box or 2 boxes this week so you will get them in time for Christmas.  I have a few gifts for your companion also.
Do they already have Christmas stuff for sale in Africa like they do here?  They had it out before Halloween!! same here they started 3 weeks ago!!!
So what did you think of our costumes for Halloween?  The Gadianton Roberts Classic!!
Did you get the small video that Shantelle sent you?  yep
Have you ever had the spirit guide you on your mission don’t just give me a yes or no answer give details share your experience. Yes, its hard to say when but I think all the people we find we were led by the spirit!!!
What are you doing today? Well we did some service this morning and helped move a huge concrete lid!!
Anything exciting that is going on this week?  We have a family baptism and a wedding on Saturday
So do you get to have a thanksgiving there? NO ITS JUST A NORMAL DAY!! hahah i am excited about this christmas package!!! 
I love you guys!!

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