Wednesday, October 29, 2014


October 26, 2014

Heyy family so no I wasn't mad and I did not know that it costs 2.50 every time I check I though it was free so I always just checked!!  But I'm good on money its at home. It sounds like you guys had fun in Vegas!!! Has dad lost any weight since he started working out?? This week was good we found a few new families but sadly none came to church!!  We are always finding more and more people we just have to find the people that are ready to hear the message.   We got rained on pretty good yesterday we just walked in the rain and were soaked at the end. It was a pretty normal week nothing exciting happened.


Did you know you only have less than 8 months out in the field? YES Do you think you will get trunky? I KNOW I WILL GET TRUNKY I ALREADY AM HAHA Are you feeling ready to come home yet? IT WOULD BE NICE TO COME HOME BUT I KNOW I'M NOT READY I HAVE HAD MANY DREAMS THAT I CAME HOME EARLY  I WAKE UP AND FEEL TERRIBLE!!!
How are the marriage papers going for the couple you are working on? WELL AS FAR AS I KNOW THEY WILL BE MARRIED ON THE 15 OF NOVEMBER ALONG WITH A BAPTISM FOR ONE SINGLE LADY AND 2 YOUNG PEOPLE.
How is your new contact? Any new contacts this week? YES WE GOT A FEW NEW FAMILIES!!!
How are you liking your new companion? I LIKE HIM A LOT WE GET ALONG GREAT!!
Are you playing gatorball for PDay today?YES
So how was the talk from one of the 70’s? IT WAS GOOD 
Did you enjoy conference? What did you get out of conference.YES I LIKED IT!!
What weird thing happened to you this week?  NOTHING THAT WEIRD HAPPENED THIS WEEK
Share some pictures?YES


October 21,2014

Hey Family!!  Well this week I will not be able to send pictures but I am doing great and I don't know if I will be able to send an email today the internet stinks right now but I'm glad you all are doing good. Grandma Carol sent me a letter this week.  This week we dropped almost all of our families because they weren't  progressing but today we opened a wedding process the will be married on the 15 of November!! Does Saydi like her new job?  Mom something that helps is to do planning every day plan out your day and prioritize things.  These are things that our mission president said he does this for his job. this is what he showed us to plan according to this box and it helps!!!helps!!!

This week was a good week we had quite a few lessons and found 3 new families so that was nice!! We watched general conference this week!!! Finally!!! and we are just working hard but next week I will send all the pictures!!!! Tomorrow one of the presidents of the 70 is coming to talk to us and the people about creating stakes here!! 
So this week not much happened we had a huge rain storm on Friday we got out of a lesson late and and it was raining and then it started pouring and we couldn't get any cars to stop and give us ride so we walked like 20 min in just pouring rain we got home late and were just soaking wet. Our district leader got mad  us the next day!!! hahah 


Did any of your contacts turn into investigators this wee? . yes we got one new family Manuel and Naome! They are a very nice humble family they have 3 kids!!
How do you find your contacts? talk to people on the road house contacts, references!!! but mostly talk to people on the road
What are the names of all the Elders in your House and where are they from? Elder Tuigimala he is from Hawaii, Elder Palu is from California, Elder Vanluven is from Idaho, Elder Barrosso is from Brasil, Elder Jemuce, Elder Paulino, Elder Cateano is from Mocambique.
So when will you become a district leader or zone leader? Don't know
So how come you haven’t had to speak in church, is that common for the missionaries?  Have you had to speak at baptisms?  Have you had to teach any classes? i have taught like 5 classes and talked at a few baptisms but that's it   The missionaries here are doing that stuff all the time so I am trying to figure out why you haven’t had to do that. 
Do you know an Elder Boyd?  I went to school with his dad if you do. No i do not 
Do they have Seminary? yes they do
How far are you from the ocean? Is in my area I have pictures  next week
Is there some nice resorts there? VERY VERY NICE
What are you doing for P-Day Today? gator ball
How far are you from the mission home? 30- 40 min
 love you guys!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Week 60 Transferred but I just changed rooms!!

Hey family!! So just to clear things up I am still in the same apartment I just moved rooms!! haha we all call it America because that is where all the nice stores and restaurants are and there are some huge houses and paved roads!!! but as well in our area we have the poor of the poor!! so its a big mix of things over here!!! This area doesn't have a ton of members and my old comp stayed in the same area!! This week was really good we were very blessed!! We had 45 contacts and 17 new investigators!!! I loved the pictures send more!!! How are the kids doing in school? It sounds like Saydi is a boss at swimming!!! It sounds like you are doing good selling t shirts!!! Hows the work for dad? Is he staying busy? Tha'ts crazy the temple is sooo close!! It sounds like you guys are staying busy with the temple!!!  WHAT DISNEY LAND!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its okay Im over her in Africa its wayyy better than Disneyland!!


Are you able to print off  your letters and if so do you so you can read them later? yes but i just read them during internet
Can you receive videos?  I thought I asked that before but I don’t remember?yes
Can you tell me your release date again? June 15
Whats your favorite thing about your new area? I don't know yet  but its really close to our house
What are some different things that you like in your new area?  paved roads no sand haha 
Even though you are only ten minutes from your old area is there anything that you want to go see or visit? There is a museum in my area but its not open yet
Have you spoke in your ward yet?  nope hahahah!!!!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Taylors Testimony

 I have a testimony that this is the work of the Lord. I have seen the change in many people and have seen the happiness it has brought to them!! I know that the Book of Mormon and the Bible work together so that we can have the fullness of the gospel!! I know that Jospeh Smith was a prophet of God and that God loves us!!! I know that God is the same yesterday today and forever and that he talked with prophets and talks with prophets today!!! I know Thomas S. Monson is our prophet today and that he receives revelation from God!!! I know that this is the only true gospel and I am happy to be apart of it!!!  I know that god will forgive us from our sins as long as we come before him in humility and that families are central to Gods plan!!!

Week 59 Transfers

October 6, 2014

Hi Family so this may or may not be a short letter!!!  I haven't decided yet! We had transfers!!!!! I am going to Matola 1B it is in the same ward but on the other side of Matola.   My area is like America I have the nicest area!!! haha and my new comp is Elder Jemucie he is from here from Marroumeu!!! So this week was a good week it was just a normal week not much changed did a lot of contacts and only found one new family but the work is coming my comp is all good  he is not sick any more and I  never get sick! That sucks the we lost against Parker! We get to watch conference next week I think, but iI will download it and listen to it today!!! It sounds like you week was good I will send pics and answer questions!!! Oh and we had a baptism this week for a guy named Samson!! So that was nice!!


So how are all of your clothes and shoes doing?Are thy holding up?  Do you need something or you able to get what you need there?  my shoes are great but my shirts are a little yellow and I have a few rips in my pants but its all good!! I should be good maybe one or two more shirts short sleeve 15 1/2 but its not a huge deal! 
Have you thought about what you would like in your Christmas package?DR PEPPER!!! CANDY!! 
So send me some pictures of everyone in your apt. and I would love more pictures of you with some of the members maybe the houses they live in and send a picture of your ward building?  OK I WILL
Any new contacts this week?  yes
Spiritual Experience this week? had a baptism of Samson so that was nice!!
What was your low this week? none
Are you emailing Matt, Marissa, logan and Josh? sometimes
How is the weather? windy
I love you guys i will send pictures!!!!

 Samson with Americo and Celia they will be baptized after he pays the lobolo (dowrey) or whatever its called he has to pay her parents 25000 MT which is about 1000 bucks

​ members and their house

Week 58 My companion got hit by a truck

September 30,2014

Hey family how are you? That's a pretty funny story about  Aunt Kathy haha I have never even heard that story!!! and mom it sounds like you are getting old!!!  I sounds like you are staying busy but dads work is a little slow!!!  I am happy that Tobie is doing better and that Saydi did good in her swim meet and she got a job!!! and for the Christmas package I would love some DR pepper!!!  It is possible to send Elder Kitchen was sent some, his mom sent him 3 bottles and just put them in plastic bags so if they exploded they wouldn't ruin any thing!!  The muffin mix was great and instead of the brownies this time  lemon poppy seed and I love candy and butter fingers are great I can buy Kit Kats here and Snickers but not butter fingers and as for my clothes I could use one more pair of pants and 2 more white shirts but I might be able to find those here!!! This week was good had a great zone conference on how to be more efficient in our work it was really good!!
This week was still difficult because we didn't have much time to work because of zone conference! but all in all it wasn't a terrible week!!   My comp got hit by a truck last night that was pretty funny!! he is all good.  I am sorry for the short letter I love you guys a lot!!! Have a good rest of the week!