Wednesday, October 29, 2014


October 21,2014

Hey Family!!  Well this week I will not be able to send pictures but I am doing great and I don't know if I will be able to send an email today the internet stinks right now but I'm glad you all are doing good. Grandma Carol sent me a letter this week.  This week we dropped almost all of our families because they weren't  progressing but today we opened a wedding process the will be married on the 15 of November!! Does Saydi like her new job?  Mom something that helps is to do planning every day plan out your day and prioritize things.  These are things that our mission president said he does this for his job. this is what he showed us to plan according to this box and it helps!!!helps!!!

This week was a good week we had quite a few lessons and found 3 new families so that was nice!! We watched general conference this week!!! Finally!!! and we are just working hard but next week I will send all the pictures!!!! Tomorrow one of the presidents of the 70 is coming to talk to us and the people about creating stakes here!! 
So this week not much happened we had a huge rain storm on Friday we got out of a lesson late and and it was raining and then it started pouring and we couldn't get any cars to stop and give us ride so we walked like 20 min in just pouring rain we got home late and were just soaking wet. Our district leader got mad  us the next day!!! hahah 


Did any of your contacts turn into investigators this wee? . yes we got one new family Manuel and Naome! They are a very nice humble family they have 3 kids!!
How do you find your contacts? talk to people on the road house contacts, references!!! but mostly talk to people on the road
What are the names of all the Elders in your House and where are they from? Elder Tuigimala he is from Hawaii, Elder Palu is from California, Elder Vanluven is from Idaho, Elder Barrosso is from Brasil, Elder Jemuce, Elder Paulino, Elder Cateano is from Mocambique.
So when will you become a district leader or zone leader? Don't know
So how come you haven’t had to speak in church, is that common for the missionaries?  Have you had to speak at baptisms?  Have you had to teach any classes? i have taught like 5 classes and talked at a few baptisms but that's it   The missionaries here are doing that stuff all the time so I am trying to figure out why you haven’t had to do that. 
Do you know an Elder Boyd?  I went to school with his dad if you do. No i do not 
Do they have Seminary? yes they do
How far are you from the ocean? Is in my area I have pictures  next week
Is there some nice resorts there? VERY VERY NICE
What are you doing for P-Day Today? gator ball
How far are you from the mission home? 30- 40 min
 love you guys!!!

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