Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Week 77 The First Stake in Mozambique was Created this Week, It was AWESOME!!

Parents of Missionaries,

This Monday, some of our missionaries will be travelling from Maputo to Beira and will not have the opportunity to write home until Tuesday.  Please know that they are safe and well!  This trip is due to a miraculous weekend in which the first Stake in the country of Mozambique was organized!  All of the missionaries in the entire mission came together to witness this miracle.  The mission and the people of Mozambique are being blessed by the efforts of your missionary and your prayers in their behalf!  Feel free to respond to this email with questions or concerns.

Hello family I forgot my journal but I should be able to remember most things!! It sounds like you are all staying very busy, we are as well over here.
So as you all know Mozambique has its first stake!!!  It all started out on wed when we got transfers and so I stayed in my area with Elder Atkinson he was an elder from the other mission that got switched over  because we inherited Swaziland so he is waiting for his visa into Mozambique so we went out and worked that day and the next day we get a call from the assistants they say that they got their visa so we got transfers again and all of Swaziland got moved to Mozambique so I am now in Chimoio an outside area!!!! So we just finished off the week and on Sunday morning woke up at 3am and drove to Mozambique and went to watch the stake be created and that was awesome.  I saw all my old comps and all my recent converts so that was awesome. After we went and proselyted then woke up at 3 am and took a 20 hour bus ride to Beria!!! IT STUNK!!!  We go to Beria at 10:30  and went straight to bed and my comp and I woke up and jumped on another bust for 5 hours to get to Chimoio so we got home at like 4 pm  so that's why we are emailing today! So we went out last night and worked so I could get to know the area! I am excited to be here this letter doesn't have a lot of info because I don't know a lot yet!

Did you get all of our birthday pictures we sent you last week? YES
Did anyone give you any birthday presents?NO
Did you get transferred or have any changes?YES I AM IN CHIMOIO WITH ELDER WOLLEY
What are you doing for p-day? CLEANING THE HOUSE
That’s about all the questions I have for you this week.  I did have a challenge for you though.  Could you be completely obedient for the last 4 months of your mission?   I had this thought because I was reading Tylers blog and he said they tried complete obedience for a week and had many miracles I thought it would be a great way to end your mission though I know that is hard.  Let me know what you think of that idea.  I hope you brought your journal again cause I loved the details in your last letter.  You are awesome and we love you and miss you so much make the last 4 the best 4. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!!!!!!!!!  

Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 76 Finally a long letter

Hello family so this week I decided to write in my journal and bring it with me so I could remember the week!!!! So here it goes!!!!
Monday: P-DAY well it was a backwards day we decided to work in the morning because we had a party for the elders that went home yesterday so we went to an all you can eat buffet at a real fancy hotel but before that me and Elder Mason went golfing it was sweet I don't remember sucking that bad but I played terrible!!! Sean we will have to go when I get home so I can get better!!! But while we were golfing it started to pour down on us so we had to play the last 3 holes kinda fast!! Before we went golfing we went to a restaurant called Spur I ordered a burger I ate it but it didn't fill me up so I told everyone that I wished I had gotten another burger and like 3 min later this white south African comes over yelling saying they gave me two burgers I only wanted one!!!! Here you can have it!! So I got a free burger!! It was great!
Tuesday:was a good day we had FHE with the members in our area also had a new first lesson  which was nice and sat with a few of our investigators as well.
Wed:was a rainy slow day there was also  the craziest thunder storm I have seen it was pretty cool we had three lessons and only 5 contacts and we got really wet!!!
Thursday :there was a power outage so that kinda stunk but the day was really good sat with three new families. We also sat with Sizwe a single guy who is investigating the church who finally said the BOM was true so that was nice that he finally got his answer!!!
Friday: We did some interior decorating of our house in the morning we brought in  three more couches from the back room and another fridge!!! So now we have a sweet set up in our main room. the morning was kinda slow we just knocked doors for 4 hours in the sun but we got like 3 contacts so now we just hope to sit with them!!
Saturday:  We woke up to no power so apparently during the night a transformer blew up so just the houses on our property are out of power! we had a great morning Sat. with a new family and got 11 contacts by door knocking!! (I swear we have knocked every door in our area)  and then for lunch we went to Spur again because there was no power to cook anything!!!  District Conference was about how members and missionaries can work together so it was great!! After we had one lesson with a recent convert Victor about prophets.
Sunday: still no energy had the second half of District Conference and the new district theme is putting your house in order. After we said goodbye to Elder Bender and Elder Galland two of my favorite Elders in the mission!! Bender lives in Hendeson Nevada and Galland lives in Provo.
So for lunch I had a peanut butter and cinnamon sugar sandwich and some warm lemon soda! ha it was great and then  sat with a new family that had ZER0 intres tin our message!!  Then we came home to still no power!
We were supposed to have transfers today but they got moved until wed!! So that stinks!!

Did you get all the Christmas letters everyone sent you?  YES I DID  THERE WAS ONE LETTER THAT I DIDN'T KNOW WHO IT WAS FROM!
What are some places in Swaziland that you want to see before you leave? YES BUT I CANT LEAVE OUR AREA SO I WONT BE ABLE TO
Can you go to the senior missionaries house to send me some pictures?  That way you shouldn’t get a virus.  Would love me some pictures!! I WOULD LOVE TO BUT THEY DON'T WANT A VIRUS ON THEIR COMPUTER SO THEY DON'T LET ANYBODY USE IT!
Did you do your deferment for BYU Idaho?  I THINK I DID BEFORE THE MISSION BUT I HAVE NO CLUE
How is your dog bite?  Was it a big dog or a little tiny puppy? IT WAS A DOG THE SIZE OF BELLA BUT IT DIDN'T PUNCTURE THE SKIN!
Elder Roberts

What are the prices of gas these days?
How are the kids doing in school?
Did you buy a new rig? and yes i will work for dad when i get home!!
How many people do you have to hire?
How  is the ward doing?

Week 75 Zebras, Impalas, warthogs and wildabeasts Oh My!!

Hey family!!!!  So we had another normal week!!! I am sorry for my short letters I just don't know what to write!  This week has been good, ok so the division with Pres. Kretly we went and visited a family and he taught the whole lesson.  No I am not keeping a journal. The farm project sounds like a big one!!!  The auction you did reminds me of the show storage wars where they auction off the the storage  rooms  and then they  sell it. I am jealous about the super bowl party I miss bacon!!!! They don't have good bacon here. You said you want to hear personal stories  and that's where I blank I don't know which stories!  Well I got bit by another dog yesterday!!! So that makes 3 times on the mission.
Have you witnessed any miracles? yes
Share an experience where you have seen your prayers answered? Well I know that I have had prayers answered but I cant think of any experiences right now.
What are some kind things that member do for the missionaries? Well they don't do much because they don't have  the financial conditions for it but like once a month we eat dinner with one family.
Do you have any favorite families? Yes it is a member family the Ngubenis  this is the family that feeds us when they can. they are a very fun family
What are you doing for P-day today? going golfing so I will need to use some personal money
See any more giraffes roaming around or other large animals? I saw zebras and impalas and warthogs and wildabeasts
Do we need to pray for any of your investigators and if so what are their names? well yes you can pray for all of them!!!! but especially pray that we can find new prepared families to teach.
the families we are teaching now are Mimsimisi and Fatima, Bafana and Khanayazile, Nhlanhla and Smangele, Ephraim and Noktula.
Have you been pretty healthy? Yes I have been sick like once on the mission
I am sorry for my short letter but that's all I have got for today
I  love you all!

Week 74 Splits with Elder Ellis and President Kretly

So this week was good.  We had a special zone conference with a member of the Seventy,  Elder Ellis!! We talked about how to strengthen the members so we can establish a stake here! The festival is over  so our area is back to normal I think I will stay the rest of my mission here but there is a chance of me going to Mozambique. Well the Mcewens are from Idaho some place near Rupert.  It sounds like dad is staying very busy with the new job so that's good. This week we did a lot of finding and found 2 new good families so that was nice. Oh and yesterday after the conference my comp and I were chosen to do a division with President Kretly and Elder Ellis and bring them to our families. So I went with Pres. Kretly so that was pretty sweet!!! It was kinda funny because he talked the whole time. I am sorry for my very short letters I just don't know what to write!!!!  But I still love you guys!

What did you learn at zone Conference?  We learned how to strengthen the branches
Did you do anything for p-day or did you just have zone conference?  Well p-day is today and we are going to hike a mountain!!
Are you buying some neat souvenirs? Yes I am buying them one at a time
What did you buy yourself with Grandma and Grandpas Christmas money? A new hat and went to a few restaurants
Did you send thank you cards to G&G Roberts, Lori and cousin Beth? yes
What did Lori send you?  CHOCOLATE ORANGE candy a little card
Did it look like your package had been opened up? no
So are you still wearing your Christmas tie and socks I got you?  I wore them on Friday Did you share with your companion? yes I did
Did you read all my scriptures I had for your 12 days of Christmas package and guess what was in it or did you just open them because Christmas had already passed. I actually read them and tried to guess what they were
Are you playing with your rubiks cube haha? YES I can solve it now it took a while but I got it  I do it every night when we get home!!
Did anything go bad in your box? no
How is your Portuguese? well its still there but it is slowly going away
Did you see lots of people in traditional clothing for the harvest festival?yes
Did you get lots of pictures of the harvest festival? no we cant walk with our cameras so that's why I don't have a lot of pictures
We would love to see some pictures?  I am to scared to get another virus on my card  Your blog looks kind of boring with no pictures!
Did you see all the kids working in the fields pulling weeds?
No the kings fields are not in our area