Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 59 Transfers

October 6, 2014

Hi Family so this may or may not be a short letter!!!  I haven't decided yet! We had transfers!!!!! I am going to Matola 1B it is in the same ward but on the other side of Matola.   My area is like America I have the nicest area!!! haha and my new comp is Elder Jemucie he is from here from Marroumeu!!! So this week was a good week it was just a normal week not much changed did a lot of contacts and only found one new family but the work is coming my comp is all good  he is not sick any more and I  never get sick! That sucks the we lost against Parker! We get to watch conference next week I think, but iI will download it and listen to it today!!! It sounds like you week was good I will send pics and answer questions!!! Oh and we had a baptism this week for a guy named Samson!! So that was nice!!


So how are all of your clothes and shoes doing?Are thy holding up?  Do you need something or you able to get what you need there?  my shoes are great but my shirts are a little yellow and I have a few rips in my pants but its all good!! I should be good maybe one or two more shirts short sleeve 15 1/2 but its not a huge deal! 
Have you thought about what you would like in your Christmas package?DR PEPPER!!! CANDY!! 
So send me some pictures of everyone in your apt. and I would love more pictures of you with some of the members maybe the houses they live in and send a picture of your ward building?  OK I WILL
Any new contacts this week?  yes
Spiritual Experience this week? had a baptism of Samson so that was nice!!
What was your low this week? none
Are you emailing Matt, Marissa, logan and Josh? sometimes
How is the weather? windy
I love you guys i will send pictures!!!!

 Samson with Americo and Celia they will be baptized after he pays the lobolo (dowrey) or whatever its called he has to pay her parents 25000 MT which is about 1000 bucks

​ members and their house

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