Saturday, December 27, 2014

Week 67 I hate them dang dogs!

Hey you are exactly right we will play soccer!!! I like soccer and no I am still not good at it.  Well sadly my letter wont be that long I had to write the thing for mission prep so now I don't have much time!! but yes,  we had a very busy week and the white Christmas doesn't apply to us here in Swaziland I almost know nothing about it we don't here much over here!! We have two families that are working on marriage documents they will be baptized the last week of Dec.

So yes go the the bank  and pay it off the lady said that when I took money off my personal account it didn't take it off of that card but it took it off my credit card because I pressed credit on the ATM so because the two cards are linked it took it off the credit card and I can't call them any more it costs a ton! It cost like 15 bucks last time I called!!!  This week I got bit by another dog, I hate them dang dogs! I am scared of them! hahaha  Well it sounds like Disneyland  was great!! I will answer questions now.
·        Did you do anything exciting today?  no
·        Have you seen anymore monkeys or giraffes?  yes, monkeys
·        Where did you see the giraffe was it on the side of the road? yes on the road
·        What has been your favorite area you have served in? that's a hard one maybe I don't know I love them all but my heart is probably where I started in Magoanine
·        How was your Thanksgiving? good
·        Do people like to take pictures of you because you are white and blonde? nope
·        Did you get your package? idk
·        How are your investigators? very good I will explain next week 
·        Any new contacts?  How many lessons did you have this week?  We had 35 contacts and 25 lessons
·        Do you get along with all the Elders in your Apartment? yes
·        What is so cool about Swaziland? Very mountainous 
·        How come we got a short letter last week?  Did you have some where to go? I was busy online on my credit card account so I used up all my time on that
 I Love you !!!! bye bye

Taylors letter he wrote for our Stakes Mission Prep class

 Going on a mission was the best decision that I have made so far.   At first I was going on a mission just because I was supposed to and it was the thing to do but as the time went on I realized that it was something God wanted me to do and I wanted to please him.   I won’t tell you the mission is easy because it definitely is not but I know that this work is God’s work.   Even though it is not easy and is sometimes disappointing, the parts that make it worth it are experiences that you will have, whether it be finding the golden family, seeing a family totally change or just making friends.  I can tell you that looking back so far on my mission I can’t really remember the sad and disappointing times even though I have had many all I can remember are the good, happy & life changing moments that the mission gives you.   I know there are some young men who think that the mission is not for them, this is false!   If you don't go on a mission you are choosing not to receive god’s blessings.  You have to decide if god’s blessings are worth it to you and your family.   I can tell you they are and you will not regret it if you go on a mission but if you don’t go you will have a life full of regret!!  God knows where you are to serve and where you are to teach.  He is preparing people just for you that maybe only could change, don’t let them loose the blessings because you decided not to go!!! I know that god loves each of us and the best way to show him that we love him is through our works and he has asked us to make this sacrifice and serve a mission it may be a hard thing to do but remember it’s not your parents or even your bishop that has asked you to serve but it is a commandment from God.   I know this church is true I know that joseph smith was a prophet of god I know that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Christ and that it can change lives.  I know this gospel blesses families because I have seen it I have seen the many blessing that this gospel brings to peoples life!  in   D&C 18: 15-16 it reads  15. And if it so be that you should labor all your days in crying repentance unto this people, and bring, save it be one  soul unto me, how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of my Father!
 16. And now, if your joy will be great with one soul that you   have brought unto me into the kingdom of my Father, how   great will be your joy if you should bring many souls unto me!
Even if you only baptize one person it will be worth it, your joy will be great.  I know that every soul in the sight of god is great and we have to do our best to bring them to Christ! Think about your mission pray about it and I know that you and your family and many other lives will be blessed as you serve your mission.
Elder Taylor Roberts

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