Sunday, November 30, 2014

Week 65 I got Transferred to SWAZILAND!!!!!

So I  got transferred  I am going to SWAZILAND!!!!! Holy Crap!!!!! and yes I  have been a little lazy on my emails!!!  but I am going to Swaziland and speaking English!!!! I  am scared!   I will try and do better on my emails!! So this week was very nice we had a family baptism and a young single lady!!! I will send pictures!!! It was a very stressful week and a very blessed week!!!

Monday: it was just a normal p-day!!  We had a lesson with a family helping them prepare for the temple! 
Tuesday:  was also a  good day we had 5 lessons 3 with members and we are teaching a nice new family who's names are Mode and Fina she just had a baby this last week!! It was like pouring all day we were soaked and my shoes were freaking muddy!!! hahah  but all in all it was a good day!!
Wed: it was a difficult day!!! We had one lesson and like 3 contacts!! It was still wet and rainy!!! hahah 
Thursday: was a normal day but in the middle of the day we got a call from our family that was to be baptized and they said they weren't going to be  baptized because they didn't have money to buy any thing for the wedding and they were scared because the parents were going to be mad so during the hole day I was thinking what to say and I thought of a great scripture (he gave the wrong reference or I would have put it in here) and that helped him a lot but she was really worrier so I asked her if she believed God could do miracles she said yes so we asked them to pray and ask for help!!
Friday: So we woke up and got a call from Mimo the guy who was getting married and he said they received the money necessary for the wedding!!! So that day was just preparing for the wedding we cleaned the chapel and in the middle of the day we got another call and they said they weren't getting married again because her family was really mad because he didn't pay lobollo ( the money for his wife) and they didn't inform any one so they were really mad and they didn't want to get married so we talked to them and talked and helped them!! 
Saturday: We had a wedding and a baptism!! there was three people who were baptized  Presiosa, Mimo, and  Elisa!!! It was a great day they were all happy it was awesome!!! It is crazy to see the change in the lives of these people and its crazy how the devil tries to stop these people because he knows that this is the truth and doesn't want to loose this family!!!   I will send pictures separate.  I am excited for this package you are sending me!!!! No I didn't see the video but i saw the link i have only gotten one of Saydis letters!! My new comp is Gregory Shacterle!! I am excited but nervous but hey my English will get better!!!! 
I love you have a good week!!

Oh and I forgot to say that weddings are the most stressful thing in the world if its not one thing its the other!! Our branch pres said the branch would provide the cake but I texted him the night before and he said  that he would not have the cake and we didn't have time to to make one so I had buy one  for 700 met and then we got called  and said the guy who was going to drive didn't have gas money and our family is really poor they didn't have money soIi had to pay 500 met so I spent in all like 1500 net on this wedding with all the other stuff!!!! but have a good week I love you!!!

Hi son are you still on?  Are you happy to be going to Swaziland?  Where is your new comp from? Do you need more money?  How much is 1500 met?
1500 like 50 bucks I don't know I am waiting to get reimbursed 1000 because I paid a plumber but that will take a few weeks I might be good!! I am happy but sad I don't want to leave Mocambique
Oh man Swaziland is far from the mission home and now you are not going to get your 12 days of Christmas package.

It is only 6 hours from the office but I will still get it just will be on Christmas day!!! hahah but its not a problem or if Pres. Kretly comes to Swazi he will bring it.  I have know more time I love you!

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