Sunday, August 31, 2014

Week 54 Not much has changed

Hello family!!! This week we had transfers and I am staying with my comp not much has changed in my area its starting to get hotter and hotter!!! That's crazy about the rain!! That's good that you are bidding a lot of jobs!! I remember school, football , grades and everything!! I loved Mr. Clementz that was my favorite class all you have to do is take notes and write everything he writes on the board and study that, and you will pass. Sorry about the money it wont happen again. And the bacon pizza is a bbq chicken banana wrapped in bacon pizza!!
Do you have any pictures for us this week?  Are you allowed to carry your camera around all the time? I have pictures but the dang internet is to slow!!
So what do most of the people in this area that you are in right now do for work? guard or work at the porrt
 Are you enjoying your new area? love it
How many members are in your branch? this week we had 204 people at church
Is this branch stronger than your last branch? yes
Seen any cool things or eaten anything disgusting or yummy recently? Not that i can think of
Did you hear about the 3 missionaries that died this week?  Two were from Taiwan and died of carbon monoxide poisoning so so sad and the other one was in a car accident.  That scares me and I feel so very sad for their families.  no
What are you doing for p-day today? gator ball
Did you hear that there was a big earthquake in CA this morning? no
love you!!!!!!!!!

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