Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 58 My companion got hit by a truck

September 30,2014

Hey family how are you? That's a pretty funny story about  Aunt Kathy haha I have never even heard that story!!! and mom it sounds like you are getting old!!!  I sounds like you are staying busy but dads work is a little slow!!!  I am happy that Tobie is doing better and that Saydi did good in her swim meet and she got a job!!! and for the Christmas package I would love some DR pepper!!!  It is possible to send Elder Kitchen was sent some, his mom sent him 3 bottles and just put them in plastic bags so if they exploded they wouldn't ruin any thing!!  The muffin mix was great and instead of the brownies this time  lemon poppy seed and I love candy and butter fingers are great I can buy Kit Kats here and Snickers but not butter fingers and as for my clothes I could use one more pair of pants and 2 more white shirts but I might be able to find those here!!! This week was good had a great zone conference on how to be more efficient in our work it was really good!!
This week was still difficult because we didn't have much time to work because of zone conference! but all in all it wasn't a terrible week!!   My comp got hit by a truck last night that was pretty funny!! he is all good.  I am sorry for the short letter I love you guys a lot!!! Have a good rest of the week!

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