Monday, December 29, 2014

Week 70 No Transfers, No Package :(

Hey family,
 So transfers didn't happen today they will happen next week! So I don't know whats up with that. The work is going good  a lot of the people I have worked with they blame everything on everybody else.  We were teaching a couple a while back and they had marriage problems the wife said it was because of the husband and the husband said it was the wife and they couldn't get rid of their pride to see the faults in them selves first!!!  Sounds like Christmas was fun!! I wish I could just lay on the couch for 2 hours!( I told him all I wanted for Christmas was to sit on the couch all day.  I got about 2 hours in) ain't nobody got time for that!! So this week was a little different because of the holidays because all of our families went home for Christmas so all of them were gone our area was like a ghost town!! There was nobody there!! On Wednesday we had a service project, we made bricks for someones house!! That took like 5 hours and after that we went up to the senior couples house and had a dinner with all the missionaries and the mission president!  On Christmas we went and visited the  members in our area and came home to hang out with the senior couples and all the other missionaries  and did Skype!!!  The rest of the week we have been working like normal but our area is still pretty empty!!!

Did anyone get transferred in your apartment? not yet 
Did you get any more gifts for Christmas? not yet
When is the next time that you go back to the mission home?  when I go home!!!! hahaha
Is there any traditions that the Swazi’s do for new years? DRINK A LOT
What are you doing today for P-day? today we are going to the Swazi National Museum and the late Kings Memorial!!
Well that’s about all I have for you guys this week.   
Love Elder Roberts!!

(So we sent Taylor two packages back in November and they have had them sitting in the mission home and they keep forgetting to bring them to him so he got no packages for Christmas)

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