Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Week 14

November 4-9, 2013
This week was kinda crazy!!!!!!!!
Tuesday: Elder Porter got transferred so his comp. was with us for the next 2 days!
Wed: We had to go to the big city of Maputo and pick up marriage documents for Joao and Zita!!!!!! and that took like all day so we didn't get much work done!!!
Thursday: we had to pick up marriage papers for Carlos and Joanna!!!! woot woot!!! and that again took most of the day!!! hahah
Friday: we had two weddings!!!! We were at the chapel like all day we helped set up one wedding for Joao and Zita they wanted a little  party so we helped set it all up they got married and it was awesome he cried a little during the wedding!!! and at 8:00 at night we had our other couple get married and they just wanted to sign the papers so they could get baptized they didn't want any party or anything!!!!
Sat!!!! We had 2 complete family's baptized and 1 young man!!!! and our mission president came to watch the baptism!!! I was kinda nervous because I had just barely memorized the prayer for baptism!!! Everything went well and everyone was so happy no one could stop smiling!!!! It was a great day!!!! and you could totally feel the spirit there!!! especially when they bore their testimony's!!! It was awesome!!!!!!! I had a great week and it was one of the happiest things ever seeing the smiles on there faces because they knew they were following the lord!!!! It was awesome!!! I love you guys tchau!!!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Week 13

October 28- November 1, 2013
Heyy mom I'm sorry about the email but last week while I was writing the power went out so I couldn't do anything about it!! I got the short email off and I was typing the other one and down went the power!!!!  I loved the costumes hahah yours looked pretty scary what was Tobie and Saydi for Halloween????   I'm sure dad didn't dress up or he went as Bishop Roberts!!! hahah  I am doing good we had transfers today and I am staying in Magoanine with Elder Robinson!!!!! And I got some recipes from her but not a lot!!!! We haven't had the weddings and baptism yet because when we open the wedding process it takes 2 weeks to go through and we can pick them up on Wednesday so the baptisms will be this week we have 2 families getting baptized and one youth who is 16!!!  So this will be a good week  and we also hope to have 1 or 2 other families starting on their papers so we could have 4 families baptized this transfer if we work our freaking butts off and everything goes right!!!!!  I will try to explain the photos better from now on and yes that was the baptismal font and my companion is the other blonde haired one!!!! And the one who got his call is Alexio and he is going to Angola!!!!!!  And yes we have 3 albinos in our ward but they are really cool guys!!!! One of them has served a mission and the others haven't yet but they will!! Believe it or not there are a lot of albinos here I have seen about 30 in my area!!! The names of the albinos are Bennindito, Naldo, and Edmundo!!!
Monday:it was raining so we went and cleaned the house and then played a card game called munchkins and it was freaking fun!!! and I won!!!! hahah later that night we went to our best family's house  Carlos and Joanna! they will be baptized this week!!!! but they were prepared by the lord!!!!!!
Tuesday:we have had a tough few weeks finding new investigators and getting contacts we walk around all day and talk to 100 people and get lessons with like 7  it is very tough and frustrating!!! but we had one lesson with a youth today it was good we taught him about the 10 commandments and before we started he had some friends over studding for midterms and one kid asked if we thought George Washington was going to heaven and I said yes and then he was like but he wasn't a member of your church!! hahah What 16 year old from Africa asks that kind of question!!! We told him if he came to church we would answer his question!! hahah
Wednesday: we went on divisions with the zone leaders I was with Elder Peterson!!! He is the one Uncle Mark knows!! hahah We had like 2 lessons  it was a crappy day and we got like 3 contacts!!! We also had about 6 lessons fall,  it sucked!! But my stomach hated me that day  I had the runs for the first time since I've been here!! hahah but we were in a lesson with one of our investigators Alberto and Carolina and I thought I was going to explode hahah I made it out of the lesson and we ran home and I made it safely!!!
Thursday: today was another crappy day we had 8 new lessons fall!!!!!!!! but we did get  one more new investigator that night and he came to church so that was good and we did get to have dinner at Carlos and Joannas house they always feed us like every time we go over!!!! Its great!! They fed us chima and colvey!! chima is just corn flour and water mixed and heated untill it becomes like a really really thick mashed potatoes with no taste!! hahah and colvey is a plant and I don't know whats in it!!! hahah
Friday: was another slow day!!! We had all of our 6 1st lessons drop but we did get a lot of contacts!! so that was good.
Saturday:  We  had  all of our new lessons fall again!! It is very frustrating but we just have to keep on at it!! We had lessons with Alberto and Carolina which was good!! He is all in to it but she doesn't get what we say in the lessons and doesn't always pay attention!! So we have to find out a way that she will listen!!! So our new big projects are to get Carolina to participate in the lessons and find a new way to find people to teach!!! Oh and our investigators Carlos and Joanna are moving on Thursday to a place like 30 min away out of our area so we are helping them move but they will still be baptized on Saturday!!!!! All is well here I just need to work hard and be obedient!!! love you guys!! tchau!!!!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Week 12

(Note to Everyone:  Another short letter from Taylor and again he was answering questions from my last email.  Its always nice to get a letter when they finally recognize what you have been teaching them for the last 18 years sinks in>)

Your week sounds interesting!!!  All the injury's and Tobie!!! hahah and the money was because i took out the 100 dollars the Hancocks gave me and that's why!!! But i'll only spend like 30-40 every month if that!!  I might be able to buy clothes that fit but I don't know where to get them!!! and I should be good on clothes for a while!!!! I'll try to remember to send the picture!!!( Mom wants a full length picture) and I am really surprised that the cat is still alive!!!  But i just want to let you know that i am sorry for being a slob and leaving dishes and complaining about washing dishes and leaving messes you you to clean!!! I know how you feel now, me and one other elder try to keep the house clean but when its 2 clean people -vs- 4 dirty people we loose!!! and we get on every body but in the end its us who wash the dishes!!!  I'm sorry!!!  And what happened to dads knee ?? hahah 

Week 11

(Note to everyone:  In this letter Taylor is pretty much just answering questions that I have asked him so I am not sure if you will be able to understand this letter , In the quotes I have put the questions I have asked him.  So here it is.)

Hey family I'm sorry but today will be a short letter, but today has been good its been raining for 3 days! We will be opening two marriage processes tomorrow!!!  On Nov. 2 we will be baptizing 2 families and one teenager!!  That's scary that Saydi drove all the way to surprise!!! But its good that she went out!! and its about time you got new tires!! hahahah and I knew she was going on her mission  (Marissa) like 3 or 4 weeks ago!!! hahah and if you send a package now it will get here by my birthday maybe!! hahah and it costs like 50 or 60 bucks to send one!!! and do you remember Uncle Marks friend who's son is in Mozambique he lives in the same house as me right now and he knows Mark!! hahah and my clothes are doing alright but two of the shirts you got me don't fit so I only have 4 short sleeve shirts and they don't fit because they are 15 1/2 regular and my other shirts are just 15 1/2  and they fit fine!  (Asking about if we can send Taylor money to help Families get married) We aren't supposed to help them but what we do is we say if you make us dinner we will pay you like 200 meticals and help them that way but we just cant give them the money!! Hey can you send me the recipe for lasagna and your special chocolate sauce and anything else that is good!!! or if you send a package send a recipe book of all sorts of food and anything!!!  I love you guys and i will talk you you next week bye love you!!