Friday, January 31, 2014

Week 25 Hardest Week in Mission So Far!!

This week has probably been the hardest week in my mission!! White washing is very difficult!!! (When two new elders come into a new area) we have to start from nothing and build up from there but we did have a wedding and baptism that we walked into!! which was nice!!  and about the mosquito's, rats, and monkeys. I have a ton of mosquito bites and I have yet to see a rat and a monkey but it wouldn't surprise me!!! and I take the pills when i remember(Malaria pills)!!! hahah. and the internet place we are at sucks and I can't send pictures!! So we will try to find the new place!! Oh and the maggot package elder yes I know him his parents sent him Arby's sauce in little packets and they got squished and fly's got in hahah. but my new area is way different than my last!!! Its like a jungle here there is a ton of rain it hasn't stopped since I've been here!! My shoes don't dry because of the humidity and the puddles we walk through!! We wear rubber boots but still we get in deep water and the water goes over them!!! But my comp is from Springville, UT and his name is Elder Kitchen I like him a lot we have the same time in the country!! but I'm am missing Magoanine a lot its dry there and here I don't have a lot of money to buy food this week because we bought food in my old area for the rest of the transfers but we got transferred early so that sucked!! There is nothing I need except DR PEPPER in the package hahah but anything works!! and I have not gotten Lori's package yet but I don't know when she sent it it usually takes 1 or 2 months to get here!! Sounds like Saydi and Tobie are trouble makers!!!  I will send pics asap!!! but that's all for this week!!! i love you guys and i will be praying for you guys!!!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Week 24 TRANSFERS!! January 13-19,2014

Hey I'm finally getting transferred!!!! I am going to a place called Manga (or in English mango) haha Apparently they have a lot of them there!!  This week was good we did a lot of contacts (65) and had only a few new investigators!! But next week I'll be going to white wash an area!!! I am excited about that!!! I loved training but man it was tough and I have a little more patience now but I am excited to leave this area!!! But I will miss the family's I am teaching!! Today my day will consist of packing haha.... and I get to go fly!!!!  I am way excited!! Where at in Texas is dad looking at!! And for the package gummy snacks are good and butterfingers, and reeses they dont have those here and milkyways and snickers!! I am still waiting on Tylers email he probably wont email till this week and I dont have Marissas email!!:( I have been here a long time its crazy!! but I love it!!! I love you guys thcau

Week 23 - We had 41 contacts January 6-12,2014

  • Heyy family!!! This week was good!! We found a lot of new investigators but this week was very HOT and humid!!! Transfers happen in two weeks !!! It's crazy feels like I have been here like 2 months and I love it!!! It sounds like all the kids are doing great!! Tobie sounds like he love wrestling and so does Kade!! and Saydi is making bank babysitting!!!  I am happy for Tyler and Marissa!!! but can you send me Marissas address so I can send her a letter!! and I got a package from the Claytons this week which was way nice it was full of chocolate!!! Tell them I said Thank you!!! but yeah this week was good,  we dropped a lot of people but found a lot as well and the language is coming along!! um this morning we played basketball with a bunch of youth in the ward and some random kids and our team destroyed!!! oh and last week I sprained my ankle pretty bad playing basketball its still swollen and bruised  but I'm all good!!! We are working hard and have been seeing the blessing from it we have been getting a lot of contacts we had 41 this week but the only problem with that is we only got 6 new investigators with that!!!  We will have to get more this week!!! but we haven't had a lot of success with getting people to church that seems to be one of the hardest things to do! We had like 7 families planned to go to church we picked up one family and were hoping the rest would come but we didn't have any luck!! One of new investigators is awesome his name is Boa Ventura we have had two lessons with him and during the second lesson he said I prayed to see if you message is true and I am certain I got an answer but that it is but I still don't know if the church is!! hahahaha we taught him the bom and told him ok this time ask if the book is true and if you get an answer that means the church is !!  and two of the people I baptized are giving talks this week in church and they both want my help on it  so I will be preparing 2 talks this week!! and Joanna said that I have to help her give a good talk so all the other missionaries will be jealous that we have the best members in our area!! It was pretty funny!! but besides that we didn't have much action I love my comp and I still love Magoanine!!! I love you guys and will be praying for you!!! and as for the package can you put one of those hams in! hahah  legos all the way!!! Cook book of everything!! games like pass the pigs, bang!!!!! this game is very important according to everyone else!! ,swap,or whatever you can think of that would be fun!!candy of all kinds like gummies or whatever DR Pepper!!!! and what ever you can think of ties pictures!! and all things!! but I don't know what address will work the best but i think the one in the call packet and that will be sent to the mission office!! love you guys and have a good week!!!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Week 22 (week 21 very short family letter)

Heyy family I don"t have much time I have to be out in my area in like 10 min so this will be a short letter!!! but this week has been good it was kinda rough because of the new year and everyone and their mother was drunk!!! and yes I was in the back and had a grey tie on!! I will try to make myself more visible for you from now on!!! and for Christmas I bought a camera and food!!!! and that's why I spent so much!!!  and yes we have cell phones  but there as simple as you can get! and for my package you can send me candy DR pepper sunflower seeds Sweet Babys Rays bbq recipe book of all sorts of recipes and card games like phase ten or of that kind and what ever you can think of!!
Elder taylor roberts
missao mocambique maputo
caixa postal 1166
correio central
mocambique, Africa

that is the address! but it should be in my call packet!!
we found two good families this week  and we should have a baptism in 2 weeks for one family and one little girl who is 9!!!

I'm glad Tobie is doing good in wrestling and that he likes it and is Kade doing that as well i miss tacos!! i would love some of those now!! and i miss things like Lowreys season salt and stuff like that a lot!! I am way excited for Marissa and Tyler to go on their missions!!! and I have been praying and fasting about the job situation as well!!  It honestly feels like I have been here 2 months but I have 6, time flys!! Well I'm out of time and I love you guys a lot  have a good week!!!!

(Taylor is in the very back row sitting down, the one you can barely see)  This was their Christmas party zone conference at President and Sister Kretlys house.

These are pictures that I have pulled off of his mission Presidents blog.  Taylor is to the far right and all you get is the back of his head!!  I told him to make himself more visible in pictures. (Picture below you can see Taylor turned his head haha)