Sunday, November 30, 2014

Week 66 I saw impalas and a giraffe!

Hey!!!  So I am doing great!!  I don’t have many pictures today I forgot to take pictures of my area but I have a few!! I think I will be here in Swaziland for the rest of my mission!!! It’s good to hear that dad has been getting a lot of work! Is he still getting more?? I will have to admit I am a little jealous of you going to Disneyland but Africa is still better!!! This week was a great week!!
Monday: I just had family night with our investigators and said goodbye to them.  The Elder Boyd came to our house so I did meet him! ( a friend from high schools son)
Tuesday: woke up at two in the morning to drive to the mission office ( it was at two just because they were dropping off other missionaries whose flight came in late it only takes 45 min to drive there from Matola) and then we left the mission home at 10am and we drove to Swaziland. It was me and 3 other elders it took us only 4 hoursand on the way there we saw some impalas and a giraffe!!!!! It was sweet!!! We finally got to our house and I went shopping and we went out to work!! We have a river in our area and it is a very beautiful area but there are tons of hills!
Wed: it was just a long day of work so here we worked a lot harder and longer to get about the same results as in Mocambique!  My comp is a very hard worker which is great I love working with him!
Thursday: it was just a normal day and I would tell you the names of our investigators but I forgot their names they have very difficult names here and when they speak their language has clicks and tongues its very hard to learn!! The language is very close to Zulu!!!  We also found a guy from Mocambique so we got to speak Portuguese at him it was way nice!!!
Friday was a great day we had 9 lessons and 9 contacts I swear we walked like5000 miles that day knocking on every door!!! So most of our contacts are door contacts because there are only 1000000 people here so there aren’t as many on the road and here a lot of women live alone and don’t have husbands its very weird!!!
Saturday: we had district conference in Manzini!! So that was good
and Sunday we had the Sencon part in our branch building!! It was a broadcast that Elder Bednar and Elder Uchtdorf and Elder Gay spoke at  it was good!!
So are you speaking English? Yes well I am trying
How is your English? I can speak fine unless I am praying or talking about the gospel and then it’s hard I have to translate it all back to English but it’s getting easier. Sometimes during some of my prayers Portuguese words will slip in and when I am teaching they just look at me like I am an idiot it’s pretty funny!!
How many missionaries are in Swaziland?18
How many are in our apartment?4
Who is your new companion and where is he from? So his name is Elder Schachterle and he is from Vancouver Washington
How big is your branch? well this week we had a frequency of 118 so it is smaller than the branches in Mocambique but the church has had more time here
Biggest difference between Swaziland and Mozambique? well for one we speak English, most of the people here have a little more money, there are a lot of mountains, our area sucks because there are so many hills and my legs are sore, it is more Americanized, the church is stronger here, and the work is a little harder!!!
How many areas have you served in has it been 6? so my areas are Magoanine, Manga, Munhava, Matola, and now Ezulwini (where I am right now).
Is this place more Americanized? Yes very much so!!!!
Do they speak Swazi and do you have to learn another language or just English? they speak English and siSwati most everyone speaks English but we do have a few investigators that only speak the language siSwati so we have to bring translators
What are the land conditions like? foresty and mountainous Sandy no there is still a lot of poverty but not as much
Are there any sights in Swaziland that you want to see? well not that i know of yet
What are you doing for P-day? well we have thanksgiving dinner at the senior couples home today!!
Is this a hard area to teach people the gospel? No but it is harder than Matola!!!
I haven’t put any money in your account so don’t take any out I don’t want you to be overdrawn?  Hunter Wilkes works at the bank and he waived that $2.50 charge so you can check your balance in your account now without getting charged. Well thank you hunter!!!!!
So are you going back to the mission home for Christmas? Yes we will have a zone conference I was hoping you would get your box before Christmas so you could have your 12 days of Christmas?  I can just have the 12 days late What do you guys get to do for Christmas? Zone conference and I don’t know

Tell me the Elders names in your apartment so I can Blog stalk them. Elder Atkison, Elder Christensan. That's it for this week I love you guys!!!

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