Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 83 Short Letter but we have Pictures

So this week has been a good week and I was freaked out by the July 15 as well!!(We got his itinerary and instead of it saying Taylor was coming home June 15th it said July 15th, I sent a letter to the mission president to clarify and they had made a mistake so he is leaving June 15th and will be home on the 16th)  I am liking my new companion, bro means I like him he is from Salem Utah and has 10 months on the mission. We have been working hard this week and I just got to finish till the end. On filling the water tanks, no we only had to fill up the tank once the water started coming in again after that!! When we didn't have water we  took bucket showers with water bottles we can drink the water but there is a chance of getting sick so we have filters at our house love you have a good week!!!!

We fixed this bathroom  for an old guy in our branch.  We are master builders the before and after photos!! We went to cut some trees down to build the bathroom.

Our water tower that we hauled the water up to.

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