Sunday, March 22, 2015

Week 81 We saw Giraffes!

Hey family! 
This week was a great week sounds like you had a great week in Mexico!!! Those jellyfish look pretty sweet!!! It sounds like the yard sale went well!! I want to see pictures of the new rig and new property.
Monday we went to this place called Casa Masika and we went exploring and we saw giraffes!!! It was freaking sweet but we walked a ton.  We got home and we taught some families we found a really nice family Jose and Vaida they have 4 daughters that are already members of the church and they have a baptismal date for the middle of April we are also teaching a family Domingos and Olaria who are real close to getting married they should open their marriage process next week!!! We are teachin Joao and Fatima and  Gilberto and Mamuna and Zacharais and Fernanda! So we have a big teaching pool and we are always finding new families!!! We just need to find the ones that are ready to be taught!!!
For fun here the kids set up tires and bounce off of them like a spring board and do flips in to the sand and so I always play with them and do flips and they all freak out but this time I went and did one and the tires were not strong and they like took my bounce so i landed on my but and they all laughed at me!!!

What are you doing for p-day? We are going to rest we have been very tired lately we are going to play pool and sleep
How was your week?good
Anything new or exciting or funny happen to you this week? SEE ABOVE
Do you know you only have 90 days left on your mission?YES!!!! I KNOW
Any new families or any new contacts?YES SEE ABOVE
Do you have any baptisms planned?yes
Are you still working on getting families to get married?YES
Anything else you want to tell us?SKYPE IN MAY!!!

Elder Roberts

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