Sunday, March 15, 2015

Week 79 It might be my favorite area

March 2,2015

Hi  Family I will say I am very jealous about you guys going to Mexico!!! VERY VERY JEALOUS!!   But this is whereIi belong!!! and yes I knew that Chimoio was the 5th largest and yes I know what Cabeca do Velho means, old mans head. That mountain is in my area so we will probably climb it today but I don't know. our area is the whole city of Chimoio!!!! I LOVE IT HERE it might be my favorite area.  well we have seen a lot of success this week had lots of lessons and contacts so we are being blessed for working hard! I know how you feel you have lots to do and you just want to do nothing!!!! THAT IS MY LIFE RIGHT NOW AND HAS BEEN SINCE THE START OF THE MISSION AND WILL BE TO THE END!!!

What are your plans for the week besides preaching the gospel. Haha  ALL I DO IS PREACH THE GOSPEL!!!!  
What are you doing for p-day? MAYBE HIKE A MOUNTAIN
Does your companion have a blog? NO
So is this place nicer than any of your others? I LOVE IT HERE
How do you rate this new area you are in?  Does it rank close to the top areas you have served in?  IT IS LIKE AT THE TOP I HAVE WANTED TO SERVE HERE SINCE THE BEGINNING
Anything new in your mission?  BERIA WILL HAVE A STAKE THIS MONTH
Have you set any other personal goals for the remainder of your mission? WORK HARD UNTIL THE END
See or do anything cool this week?  SAW A FIGHT ON OUR CHAPPA AND WE HELPED STOP IT!!! IT WAS VERY FUN
How is your branch President? HE IS A BRO!!!!
Have you been a district leader or zone leader or anything? NO AND I LIKE IT LIKE THIS I DON'T WANT TO BE A LEADER IN THE MISSION!!!
love you!!!!

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