Sunday, March 15, 2015

Week 80 We got a turtle!

March 9, 2015

Hey family I am still a little jealous that you  are in Mexico but this week was good and as for my high point and low point I don't really know it was just a good week in general. Yes we are still teaching them but they didn't come to church so that was sad.  Yes we hiked it!! Yes it was my Eccos I will send a picture of them to you but I bought my comps Eccos that are to small for him that are brand new. they are actually boots. this area is nice because I like the branch and the weather is nice there are a ton of people unlike Swaziland where I saw the same people every day. yes as we hiked old mans head we saw like 8 baboons so that was sweet. the work is going good here not much has changed we have found a few new families this last week one which was way nice so I hope that will go somewhere. We also bought a turtle this week we named him woollberts goingson named after me and my comp and mine and his trainers. but we just call him Larry he just walks around our yard and sleeps.and yes there are lots of landmines but they are way out in the jungle!! I love you  have a great week!!!

Cabeca Do Velho means The Old Mans Head
This is Cabeca Do Velho

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