Tuesday, March 24, 2015

WEEK 82 A baby Chameleon and Transfers!

Hey family,
 Well I am now on my 15 transfer, I only have this one and one more to go!!! We have been very blessed  these last few weeks with new investigators!! So we are teaching the same families this week and a few more.   We found this one family well so far we have just sat with him but his name is Topazio he is really open and excited to learn so we are excited for that but we had an interesting week this week.
 Monday we just chilled and played pool and slept and then at night while we were showering and we ran out of water so that sucked! Nothing special happened.

Tuesday we went to a funeral for a lady in our ward.  We started out at the hospital  and picked up the body and I have never smelled any thing so bad as that hospital it smelt like dead people it was terrible! After that  we came home and went out to work.

 A statue in our area of Samora Machell
the first President of Mozambique

Wednesday we found a chameleon on the road it was just a little guy we named him Pasquel like on Tangled and we still didn't have water  but it was just a normal day that morning. We had some guys come over and fix our a/c so we weren't able to go out in the morning but we still had a good day.

Thursday still no water but we had a really good day lots of lessons and walked with a member Carlitos and we found two new families.

Friday we woke up and we still didn't have water so we spent 2 hours filling up our water 1000  liter tank and the reason we didn't have water is because our tank is up on a tower  and the water company hasn't been putting out a lot of pressure so the water doesn't make it into our tank so we had a 20 liter bucket and filled it op to the top and one of us was on top pulling the bucket up with a rope while the other was on the ground filling up more buckets so that took 2 hours but it was fun. We went out that night and proselyted like normal.

Saturday was just a normal day we taught English and went out with our branch president to a few families so that was nice

Sunday I had to give a talk at church finally.  I spoke on how to strengthen your testimony it was a good talk and we had a good day.

Today are transfers my comp got transfered so my new com is Elder Mcalister  he is a bro so I am excited!! 
Hope you have a great week Love you

Have you lost or gained weight? lost weight
Have you gotten any taller?maybe
Are you still exercising? sometimes
Favorite thing about Chimioi? the people
What is one of your new favorite foods since you have been on your mission? i love chicken and fish
How is your turtle doing? he is doing good he is just chilling

Any Funny Stories this week?water tank story see above

Well this is a bridge in our area, the people who designed this were great architects 

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