Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 46 One year left

(Sorry a lot of things Taylor is talking about is referring to my letter I sent him so his letter sounds weird)

HEYY ONE YEAR LEFT!! ITS CRAZY!!! Time has flown by so fast it feels like 6 months has gone by and I'm more than half way done with my mission!!!  hahah I love repelling!!! I would do it all the time if I could!!!!(Told Taylor I went Repelling) Just read the book of mormon!!! and my favorite chapters are the war chapters!!! they are awesome!!! and I miss biscuit donuts!!!!hahah I always think its funny when the girls think hikes are hard!! and thats cool that saydi went to Aunt kathys!!  And I'm excited to see this new truck!!!!! will it be his work truck or his around town truck? and I want pictures when you get them and that lady will never get anywhere with the women getting priesthood, it will not happen!! no matter how hard she tries it will not happen!!! it is sad because she dosent have a real testimony!!!  I'm doing good over here in Africa. Boa Ventura and his wife are doing great they will start on their paper work this week!!!! and Luis and Milena will also start this week on paper work!!! This week  I also went to a wedding of one of my old investigators who finally got married so that was nice!

What exciting thing happened to you this week? not much exciting things happened
What are you doing for P-day today? football
Do any of the missionaries in your house have a blog?  If so I would like it please! I do not know
If  I was thinking about sending you a year mark package what would you like in it? at least one Dr. Pepper more bbq sauce and season salt,blueberry muffin mix from betty crocker, candy maybe a church movie, cheap toys to give to my investigators kids, dill pickle sunflower seeds, stick deodorant, they don't have it here fruit snacks like gushers fruit by the foot  more pictures and I'll think some more.
Do you have any rituals you do for missionaries who have hit their year mark like burn a tie or something? no we dont hahaha
Did you get a new camera? I should today
Do they do Girls Camp in Africa?  no but they are going to start efy
Did you get my picture of Logan Poli?  yes
Spiritual moment of the week this week? We were teaching a recent convert lesson to a joven in our branch  about missionary work and as I was talking it was like I wasn't talking I was learning thing from what I was speaking it was just cool to feel the spirit work through me!!!!  Ilove you guys have a good week!!!
Elder Roberts

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