Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 43 "I have some bad news"

This week I was able to catch Taylor online.  Here are some tidbits of conversation that we had.

Mom-How are you doing this week what have you got planned for your p-day?
Taylor- Sleep and soccer
Mom- Sleep!!!  Isn't there anything fun and exciting that you want to see?
Taylor - no I am staying and I need sleep to function throughout the week!
Taylor- I have some bad news!
Mom- (scared at this moment because I just finished watching the movie The Saratov Approach about the two missionaries that were kidnapped and held hostage) Oh no what is the bad news that scares me!
Taylor -  my companion dropped my camera and broke it!!
Mom - Awe man!!!  What is it with you and kinzie and cameras!!!  Can you go buy one at the marketplace for cheap!!  I mean you found a three cent tie cant you find a $20 camera.  That is so frustrating!!!!  I guess it better than something bad happening to you!  Can you go to the marketplace? (This will be camera number 4 that we have bought him since the MTC 1st one broke at the mtc, 2nd one got stolen, 3rd one broke onto camera #4) grrrr!
Taylor - the market place doesn't sell cameras only clothes shoes perfume  pots pans  tools food haircuts  but not electronics.
Mom - can you find a cheap place to get one?  What broke on it?  Can you find a cheaper camera there?  I am going to get you an indestructible camera!!  In the meantime put your sd card in someones camera and keep taking pictures.
Taylor -yeah I can find one for like 100 bucks or 150  but thats like the cheapest because everything electronic is expensive here.
Mom -well just wait and let me see if I can find something arghhh:(  I know Lori has a package ready to send you I don't know if she has room to send a camera to you but I will see.  
Taylor- if you put a camera in there I probably won't get the package.
Mom - so who got transferred today?
Taylor - not me but 4 missionaries are going to swazi which is sweet! but I don't want to go because I have to speak English and I don't know how to teach in English (Taylors mission just opened up Swaziland as a part of their mission now.  It is about as big as New Jersey and they speak English and Swazi)
Mom-Yeah I was reading about Swaziland and that they speak English and some Swazi.  That is so weird that they don't speak Portuguese.  I saw a picture of the 4 missionaries that they were sending there.
Taylor-yeah I wouldn't mind going to Swazi at the end of my mission but not now 
Mom - Yeah I agree especially when your Portuguese is coming along so good.  So how did your baptism go?
Taylor-it went good and now they are very happy
Mom-That's awesome!!  So how many baptisms have you guys had.  We are taking a missionary class during Sunday School and Brother Boyle asked me how many and I didn't know.  
Taylor- I think I have baptized like 35 people 7 or 8 families
Mom - Seriously!!! You have baptized that many people, that is amazing I had no idea that it was that many people.  Wow that's awesome!  So tell me about you being on the news why did you get on the news?
Taylor - we just sang in a choir for the news and I haven't seen it yet but when I do I will let you know.
Taylor - I can buy a camera here for like 100 so its not a problem!
Mom - I know its just another 100 bucks.  I don't even know how much is in your account.  I will have to put some money in your account this week.  so give me a few days.  I will try to do it before I go on trek?
Taylor - I have more that 100 last week so I should have enough.
Mom - So besides breaking your camera how was your week?  What was that guy cooking in the last pictures you sent me.
Taylor - my week was good and the guy was making moonshine alcohol
Mom - So were you teaching this guy a lesson?  haha  did he offer you guys some?  So do you feel pretty safe in the area that you are in?  Did you figure out why your neighbor stabbed the other guy?
Taylor - no we just passed by his house and I took a picture!! yea I feel safe and it helps that I am a lot bigger that a lot of other people and we think our neighbor lady is a prostitute but we are not 100 percent certain!
Mom - Did Wendy send you pictures of our day at the lake?
Taylor - yeah I'm a little jealous.
Mom - Yeah the kids were all a little sore from all the bumping and flying around they did on the tube.  We were missing you and Tyler.  Kade got his grades and he has straight A's just thought I would tell you.  Also we are trying to plan our Costa Rica date and are you good to go like a week after you get home?  We hate to go to late because their rainy season starts the middle the end of June.
Taylor - HECK YES I should be home like June 17 but you can email Presidet Kretly and talk to him about it he will give you all the info.
Mom - Ok we are probably just going to set a date and do it.  Did you get the pictures I sent you last week of us with Audrey.  She is also going on trek with us and will be leaving a few days after we get home from that.  Any other exciting thing that happened to you this week?
Taylor - but you can talk to president and ask him when I go home so you don't set it wrong! and this week we just had 6 baptisms and we are working hard!! but my time is up! love you bye!!!

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