Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 42 "Rat most definitely does not taste like chicken"

(Mom's note:  A lot of these are things that Taylor is responding to is from our letter so it may not make sense.)
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 Beautiful Sunsets

This week I am doing good!!! Its finally starting to cool down here and the temp is way nice!!! This last week  was good we did a lot of contacting and found some new families!!! Last Friday we sang and the news team from here came and interviewed some missionaries so that was cool we will be on TV !!! That's so sad the Lorin died!!  but more about the rat so we were offered it and I wanted to try it so I ate it!!! and it wasn't good!!! hahah  I told my self I wouldn't ever reject food offered to me so I ate the rat!!! and yes the shirt is awesome!! sorry to here about your back that stinks!!!! Just remember that you are an old grandma now!! I would read if I were them! and how much did the run make? and its pretty crazy about the bus crash!!! and let me know about the Sylvan thing!! and Im excited for the mexico trip!!!!! and its pretty cool that dad got more guns!!!!  but this week was just a normal week but our families that we are teaching are nice!!
we have Domingos and Elisa and they will be baptized on Saturday
and we have a bunch of new families!!!
Boa Ventura and Evona its a nice couple that came to church this week they have 3 little boys!!
Santos and Anita a very humble family they have a house the size of the bathroom in your room!
Armando and Eunice its a Muslim family that we are teaching  she has come to church 2 times  and he has only come to a family home evening we did at the church yesterday!
Ronaldo and Anna another new family he came to church yesterday!!


  •         So why did your neighbor get stabbed and were they seriously injured? Most importantly should I be worried that they will come get you next??? NO OUR NEIGHBOR LADY STABBED SOMEONE ELSE!!!

·         So tell me why you ate rat, did you know you were eating rat or did you kill it yourself and cook it?  Was it good and like every other creature taste like chicken.  Give us some more details of why you ate rat!!ONE OF OUR FAMILIES WE ARE TEACHING OFFERED IT TO US AND WE ATE IT AND IT MOST DEFINITELY DID NOT TASTE LIKE CHICKEN!!
·         What are you doing for P-day today?SOCCER
·         What was the best thing that happened this week? I DONT KNOW I GUESS IT WAS WHEN WE GOT ON TV
·         What was the worst thing that happened to you this week? NOTHING BAD HAPPENED
·         Any new delicious meals that you have eaten this week maybe like….monkey?? NOPE NOT YET
·         How is Elder Victor doing?     Did he get his Visa yet?   Tell me something interesting about your companion?FOR ANGOLA YES BUT FOR BRAZIL NO! BEFORE HE WAS A MEMBER HE DRANK A LOT AND WAS GOOD WITH THE LADIES!!
·         What is the next African Holiday coming up? JUNE 1
·         Send more pictures!!
·         How is your weather?NICE
·         Did you like the shirt I made for you?YES
·         Tell us something they do differently there in Africa than here?  THEY ARE ALWAYS LATE TO EVERYTHYING!!!!!!! 
Elder Roberts

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