Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 47 Just answering questions

Hello!!!! Today I will start with the questions!!
So how is the mission life for elder Roberts?  The mission life is going great we are working hard and finding new people!!  
How are your families progressing? Good but Boa Ventura and his wife have to pay her parents 3000 met 2 boxes of beer and 5 liters of wine so the can get married!!! (They have a Dowry that they have to pay the parents so they can get married that is why so many people are not married is because they can't afford it) so that kinda stinks!! but they will still get married!!! 
How is your goal coming that you set the other week? its going good we are working hard!!
Do the kids have CTR rings there? no
Have you seen any snakes there? yes 2
Give me some of your favorite candies? butter fingers, take 5, kit kat, milky way, reeses, gummy worms, chocolate chips Twinkies  
Do you get the ensign? no but we get the Liahona  
Would you like us to send you any? no 
Think hard on what else we can send you.  Dr pepper, browine mix, blueberry muffin mix and any thing American.
Do you still have my exercise bands? (Just making sure you haven’t lost them) YES

I was wanting to add a section to your blog about “Why I love being a missionary”  can you please share why and maybe your testimony PLEASE I love helping the people not only improve their relationship with god but with their families as well!! It is one of the best feelings ever when you see the change that a person goes through and the happiness it brings when they start to become closer to God!! And I love being part of that process!!!
Have you received any other packages yet?  not yet
Are you doing anything fun for Pday today?  soccer &  sleep
So have you had to speak in church yet?  no
Do you have to teach any classes?  yes we have taught 3 lessons in the past two weeks!!
Do you teach any English lessons? I will start on WED

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