Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 75 Zebras, Impalas, warthogs and wildabeasts Oh My!!

Hey family!!!!  So we had another normal week!!! I am sorry for my short letters I just don't know what to write!  This week has been good, ok so the division with Pres. Kretly we went and visited a family and he taught the whole lesson.  No I am not keeping a journal. The farm project sounds like a big one!!!  The auction you did reminds me of the show storage wars where they auction off the the storage  rooms  and then they  sell it. I am jealous about the super bowl party I miss bacon!!!! They don't have good bacon here. You said you want to hear personal stories  and that's where I blank I don't know which stories!  Well I got bit by another dog yesterday!!! So that makes 3 times on the mission.
Have you witnessed any miracles? yes
Share an experience where you have seen your prayers answered? Well I know that I have had prayers answered but I cant think of any experiences right now.
What are some kind things that member do for the missionaries? Well they don't do much because they don't have  the financial conditions for it but like once a month we eat dinner with one family.
Do you have any favorite families? Yes it is a member family the Ngubenis  this is the family that feeds us when they can. they are a very fun family
What are you doing for P-day today? going golfing so I will need to use some personal money
See any more giraffes roaming around or other large animals? I saw zebras and impalas and warthogs and wildabeasts
Do we need to pray for any of your investigators and if so what are their names? well yes you can pray for all of them!!!! but especially pray that we can find new prepared families to teach.
the families we are teaching now are Mimsimisi and Fatima, Bafana and Khanayazile, Nhlanhla and Smangele, Ephraim and Noktula.
Have you been pretty healthy? Yes I have been sick like once on the mission
I am sorry for my short letter but that's all I have got for today
I  love you all!

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