Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 74 Splits with Elder Ellis and President Kretly

So this week was good.  We had a special zone conference with a member of the Seventy,  Elder Ellis!! We talked about how to strengthen the members so we can establish a stake here! The festival is over  so our area is back to normal I think I will stay the rest of my mission here but there is a chance of me going to Mozambique. Well the Mcewens are from Idaho some place near Rupert.  It sounds like dad is staying very busy with the new job so that's good. This week we did a lot of finding and found 2 new good families so that was nice. Oh and yesterday after the conference my comp and I were chosen to do a division with President Kretly and Elder Ellis and bring them to our families. So I went with Pres. Kretly so that was pretty sweet!!! It was kinda funny because he talked the whole time. I am sorry for my very short letters I just don't know what to write!!!!  But I still love you guys!

What did you learn at zone Conference?  We learned how to strengthen the branches
Did you do anything for p-day or did you just have zone conference?  Well p-day is today and we are going to hike a mountain!!
Are you buying some neat souvenirs? Yes I am buying them one at a time
What did you buy yourself with Grandma and Grandpas Christmas money? A new hat and went to a few restaurants
Did you send thank you cards to G&G Roberts, Lori and cousin Beth? yes
What did Lori send you?  CHOCOLATE ORANGE candy a little card
Did it look like your package had been opened up? no
So are you still wearing your Christmas tie and socks I got you?  I wore them on Friday Did you share with your companion? yes I did
Did you read all my scriptures I had for your 12 days of Christmas package and guess what was in it or did you just open them because Christmas had already passed. I actually read them and tried to guess what they were
Are you playing with your rubiks cube haha? YES I can solve it now it took a while but I got it  I do it every night when we get home!!
Did anything go bad in your box? no
How is your Portuguese? well its still there but it is slowly going away
Did you see lots of people in traditional clothing for the harvest festival?yes
Did you get lots of pictures of the harvest festival? no we cant walk with our cameras so that's why I don't have a lot of pictures
We would love to see some pictures?  I am to scared to get another virus on my card  Your blog looks kind of boring with no pictures!
Did you see all the kids working in the fields pulling weeds?
No the kings fields are not in our area 

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