Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 71 Still no Transfers which means still No PACKAGES!

Well no packages because they postponed transfers again!!! So today was a very disappointing day!!! No transfers:( ask Sean how not getting transfers are in the mission he might be able to shed some light on this subject! As soon as I get my packages you will know!!!

Teaching in English is going good I can say everything I want without a problem so that's nice! The English here sounds like broken African English but the people here, who are very fluent sound almost like  South Africans. This week we found a total of 13 new investigators and got some to come to church which was nice!! The problem with the marriages here isn't as bad but it still exists but it is way cheaper and easier to get married here than in Mocambique and yes the lobola here is very strong but they can get married without paying all of it so that's nice.  

The weather these days are Hot!!! and yes I am tired of sweating and chaffing!!! No one has an AC but luckily we do.  Most of  the houses here are made of blocks and have tin roofs so inside the house is usually hotter!!I am way jealous that it snowed!!! lucky!!! and it was a preach my gospel survey! Didn't dad just buy a new truck?   Now I am confused, what truck died?

Do the youth have stake dances even though you don’t have a stake yet? they have dances
How was the museum last week? it was good it was kinda dumb but it was worth it
What are you doing for p-day today? well we had nothing planned because we thought transfers were going to happen
Do you ever go to your primary in Mozambique? yes, once  If so is it a lot different? not to much the kids are more rowdy but they sing primary songs and have games and lessons
Are the youth pretty strong their? yes they are very strong!!!


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