Sunday, March 30, 2014

Week 33 "Emails back and forth and questions answered"

This week I happened to be up very late and I caught Taylor online so these are a few of the questions that went back and forth between us:

Mom:  How are you?
Taylor: I am doing good!  We had a successful week!
Mom:  What made your week successful?
Taylor:  Well we just worked hard and got  40 lessons this week and found 13 new investigators! I don't know it was just a good week! 
Mom:  That is really awesome!!  40 lessons that is a ton!!  Are a lot of them really interested in the gospel?  I was showing my friend Rory your blog and she wanted to go back and read your letters.  She signed up to receive your mission blog update. Sounds like you are being a good missionary!!  Do you find teaching people is getting easier?  Can they understand you good?  Have you had to do a lot of teaching or speaking at church? Do you still have your chameleon?
Taylor:  yes teaching is easy just sometimes I need to say a word that I cant find in my head but its coming along great! and I think they can understand me and I have only spoken at a baptism and we let our chameleon go just so it wouldn't die.hahah 

Taylor:  I took out 100 dollars of my account just to have extra money because you just put my 500 in!
Mom: I put your $500 in your savings account not your US Bank account!!  Also Grandma Carol gave you $25.00.  Have you been working hard?
Taylor:  Yeah we have been working hard and almost all of our people have an interest but its getting them to act is the problem! but we try to visit all of our families every day to help them stay strong! and oops i thought the money you put in was in my US Bank account! sorry! but tell grandma larson I said thanks!!  I got the Christmas card this week!! took long enough!!
Mom: How is your companion and how are you getting along?  Holy cow that took a long time to get the Christmas card?  Have you gotten any other mail or packages? 
Taylor:  My companion is good we get along great! Well the office elders say I have 3 packages or three things and I will get them on Friday!! 
Mom:  Have you been emailing Josh?  Parker Moss got his mission call I can't remember where and Trey Branningham is going to Costa Rica!
Taylor:  Yes, I have I was just about to email him actually.  That is sweet that Trey is going on a mission.
Mom:  How is church is it different than here?
Taylor:  It's about the same its 3 hours and we have 3 classes just like home but its a little louder because of the kids?
Mom:  I guess what I was trying to say is does everyone come to church on time and do their calling.  So when are transfers?  What place do you want to be transferred to?
Taylor:   yes actually everyone does their calling here and they try to start church on time but all Mozambicans are late so sometimes we start church with like 20 people and by the end we have like 150.   Transfers are in 4 weeks!! and yes i want to go to a place called Tete, its the hottest place on the mission but its a dry heat not wet haha that's where i want to go!

At this point I had fallen asleep with the phone in my hand so that was my conversation with my son.  Here are the other questions and answers that I asked him in my letter.

Copy, Paste & answer Questions you know the drill
Your face always looks red are you sunburned? Sunburned

How are the mosquitoes?
there are alot of them!

Malaria Pills?  You know what I am asking?
no they give me headaches

Have you gotten sick at all while you have been there?i have gotten sick once and it was 2 sundays ago

Did you get Grandma and Grandpas R. bday card or a letter from Grandma Carol?
not yet

Besides teaching investigators what else does your week consist of?  Zone conferences, other meetings etc?
we meet with the brach mission leader once a week and we will have zone confrence this week

Why is the branch President your favorite part of your mission? he is not my favorite part of my mission but he was the 1st missionary out of Mozambique and he is great to take to lessons

If people don’t have toilets do they have outhouses?  Where do they go to use the bathroom? some have outhouses or they use their neighbors out house or kids just poop on the road in front of everyone

Any Monkeys yet?

Do you eat at Members Homes?
How often does your mission president come to see you?  maybe once a transfer

When is your next trip back to the mission home?
when i go home

What exciting thing happened this week?
40 lessons was pretty cool

Coolest thing you have seen on your mission besides the chameleon?
the crocodile that we fed the chicken to!!

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