Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 31 I did not get your letter!!

(Here is my as promised long letter from Taylor  haha, he did not get my letter so I'm sure he thought I will just send a short letter.)

just to let you know i did not get your letter!!!
 but this week was a good week we had 8 baptisms!!!! whoo hoo!! It was
one family and a few other people but its really cool to see how
the gospel changes lives!!Tthe family we were teaching at the start
they had a decent relationship he drank  a lot and he had other women he
would mess around with but as we taught them they began to grow
closer together and closer to god!!and now they are happily married and
they don't have any more problems!! Its great to get the chance to see
gods hand shaping the lives of others!!
I love you guys hope all is well!!!

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