Sunday, March 2, 2014

Week 29 Today I am doing good!!

Today I am doing good!!! and this week was good we had a lot of success we found 15 new people to teach!!! and we opened a marriage process for a couple! The power is more stable this week but the last two night we haven't had power until 11:30 so that kinda stunk!! Teaching is going good we have a lot of people we are teaching right now we hope to have a baptism of 13 people on the 7 of march but all depends on the other family that we should open the process this week and hopefully it will be on wed!! So that will be a good day!!! and that picture was from my first area Carlos and Joanna, they are my favorite family ever!!! I was so sad leaving them but I have found more and there sons name is Wesley, he is a crazy kid he is only one year old and is huge!!! He likes running and falling on the ground!!!  Yes, I am taking pictures but this computer I'm on today wont read my card so you will have all of them next week!!!  I still haven got your package yet but I will let you know!!   I don't have a lot of money this week because we spent it all on gas for our generator so I don't have much time today!
Ill write more next week Love you guys 

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