Thursday, January 23, 2014

Week 24 TRANSFERS!! January 13-19,2014

Hey I'm finally getting transferred!!!! I am going to a place called Manga (or in English mango) haha Apparently they have a lot of them there!!  This week was good we did a lot of contacts (65) and had only a few new investigators!! But next week I'll be going to white wash an area!!! I am excited about that!!! I loved training but man it was tough and I have a little more patience now but I am excited to leave this area!!! But I will miss the family's I am teaching!! Today my day will consist of packing haha.... and I get to go fly!!!!  I am way excited!! Where at in Texas is dad looking at!! And for the package gummy snacks are good and butterfingers, and reeses they dont have those here and milkyways and snickers!! I am still waiting on Tylers email he probably wont email till this week and I dont have Marissas email!!:( I have been here a long time its crazy!! but I love it!!! I love you guys thcau

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