Monday, December 23, 2013

Week 19

Hey family how are you guys this week I'm a little late today and won't be able to write a huge email today because the power has been out all day!! but I'm doing good beside the fact that I don't have a camera!!! hahah  but yeah and I have been looking for it on the street but haven't found it!!! hahah ohhh and apparently the biggest black market in Africa is here in Maputo so if I want to buy stolen goods I can just go there!!! hahah and yeah there are lots of legit places to buy cameras here!!! and you don't have to feel bad about not sending a package but a birthday package would always make up for that!! hahah and the packages almost always get here I haven heard of any one getting theirs stolen!! They all tell me put pictures of Jesus all over it and you'll be safe!!! hahah  but Christmas money for a camera would be nice!!  and we are allowed to have i pods as long as its just church music and like EFY music and stuff like that!!   This week was good we made a lot of contacts by talking to people in the streets we have been trying to talk to every one and trying to find new way to be more effective because here its very hard to sit with people and have lessons they always make up stupid excuses on why they cant make it!! But this week we sat with a lot of new people we had 15 new investigators which is way better than last week!!! But yeah we have been trying hard to be more obedient and because of this we are seeing the lord bless our area we are having way more success! We still have some things to work on though like we aren' t exactly obedient because we don't like to work out in the morning and little thing like that but we are doing better on not showing up to the house late and going to bed late and waking up late!!! hahah  We are having another baptism this week and we will baptize a family and another young man!! The youth in this branch are awesome we this will be the second baptism in 2 transfers because of them being ward missionary's!! And the family we are baptizing is awesome and they are a living testimony that the gospel blesses familys because when we first got there they would always argue and they fight a lot and you could always feel the tension in the house when we went over there but now they are a whole new family!!! They read the scriptures every night together and pray as a family and they get along WAY BETTER!!!! They could never agree on anything but now they are one big happy family!!! Next week is transfers and I dont know if I will stay or leave!! I would be fine with either I love Magoanine but I have been here awhile but wherever the lord wants me ill go!!  okay and the elders in my apt. first we have Elder Robinson my companion! He is a goob!!! He is from Eugune Orgeon!! and likes to scare little kids here and chase them it's very entertaining!! and his jokes are soo stupid they are hilarious!!!! I will tell you about the rest next week just don't let me forget!! because I don't have much time okay and yes ill pray for help on what dad should do on work!! THAT'S AWESOME THAT YOU DID SO GOOD SELLING AT THE WRESTLING TOURNAMENT!!! and Saydi got an I phone 5!!!!! WHAT!! QUE ISSO!!! NAO PODE FAZER ISSO!!!  Tell Tobie to toughen up a little!!! hahah just joking but for real!! and nice job Kade on the cowboy poet thing!! and Saydi you cant date you are to young! haha and dad you knee needs to get better!!! Hows the ward doing in Wickenburg? This part is for Tobie and Kade last p-day we went to a zoo or kind of a zoo it had monkeys and crocodiles and that was it but we bought some live chickens outside of the zoo and snuck them in and fed them to the crocs!!! hahaha it was awesome!!! and the government here is a mess!!! yes bigger than Obama!! haha its very corrupt and up in the north there is a war going on between  two political parties!! its nice its between the people in power and the people who want to be in power and be just as bad!! haha but they had elections here 2 weeks ago and Frelimo is in power but edm the best party who actually fight for the people  won but the other stole votes and its just a mess!! but the war is between Frelimo and Ranalmo and Edm just wants the people to be happy!! haha  well that all the time I have and I didn't write to anybody else so post this on facebook or somthing!!! bye love you guys!!! talk to you in a couple weeks!!!

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