Monday, December 23, 2013

Week 18 They took my freakin' camera!!

December 12, 2013

This week was good except I need a new camera!!  and I already have these pictures!!   whats it look like we are doing? the weather is hot and humid and then it rains for like 3 days and then its hot and humid for a week and then it rains!!! hahah it gets like 100 but feels way hotter due to the humidity!! and yes I have only been cold once because it was pouring and windy and I was soaked!! sounds like you guys had a great thanksgiving I made pizza for ours barbecue chicken bacon and banana was freaking good! and pumpkin pie and rolls!! What kind of phone did Saydi get? Ok I will think  of some stories for you and the reason I need a new camera is our house got robbed!!! hahaha it sucks!!! but luckily I still have my memory card! (MOMS NOTE:  This was our personal email the other one is his general letter that he sends out to everyone.)

Hey everyone whats up!!! I had a good week this week except for Wednesday but Ill get to that later!!
Monday: we had a funeral for the other companions investigator he was going to get married and baptized next week but he got sick and went into a comma and died!
Tuesday: I have no recollection of this day I don't think it happened!!! hahaha
Wednesday: The day you've all been waiting for!!! We went on splits I walked in my area with elder Awbrey!! He is a funny guy and he likes video games a lot he has been on his mission for 21 months and is about to go home!! We didn't have a successful day  with lessons but we contacted a lot of people!!
Thursday:Thanksgiving!!!!! Well I made pizza for thanks giving lunch and it was dang good!!! and we had peanut butter cookies with milky ways in them!!!! It was Elder Awbreys birthday and one of the elders in our house made him a cake and forgot the sugar!! It was the worst cake ever!!  We had lessons with a few of our investigators one family we taught is getting baptized on the 13 of December so we are excited for that!! 
Friday:  We taught Adolf  about the word of wisdom and he is getting baptized on
the 13 as well
Saturday: One of the older missionary couples set up a Christmas program that the missionary's will do we will be singing Christmas songs to the branches here and we had practice for that on Saturday but it took us one hour and 30 min to get there and we were there for like 20 min it sucked!!! But after we went and had lunch at one of our investigators houses and it was freaking good!!!! We had chicken rice this salad stuff and peri peri which is the hottest sauce ever it destroys your mouth!!! haha but it is dang good!!! 
Oh and by the way we got robbed on Wednesday!!! hahah they took my camera and 3 other elders cameras and my comps deodorant and a pair of shorts from another elder!! They are the stupidest robbers ever I had my sd card and charger right next to my camera but they didn't take them!! and they didn't even take the other elders I pod which was right next to his camera that was stolen!! but so yeah mom I'm going to be needing a new camera for Christmas!! It sucks!!! but other than that I'm doing great!!!

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