Sunday, December 22, 2013

Week 17

Heyy guys!!! I'm doing great!!!! I was soo glad to hear where Tyler and Riss are going!!!! They will be great missionary's!!! there is not much new with me I'm just doing the work of the Lord!!! hahah  What do you need a full length picture of me for?  I will get that to you next week! and my address is in my call book.  I got one letter from grandma Carol that was nice and just put whatever in the Christmas card  pick and choose from all my letters!! hhahah  And tell Wendy eccos are the way to go!!!! they are the best shoes for your mission!!!  and the pants all depends on the person  but i have no preference!! but i don't carry my passport with me I have a copy  my passport is in a safe at the mission office! I am way excited for Tyler!!!!! Haha More cats I cant believe Herman is still alive!!! hahah did Kade win or did you win? hahahah And if dad sold the rig would he work in Texas or take the rig to Texas? and that would be pretty crazy  if we moved to Texas!!! hahah who was the guy she was starting to date what was his name? hahah yeah that's good they broke up!! Tell Tobie congrats  and I wish I were there to see the game!! haha I miss those Sundays where Tyler and I would try to convince you guys to go over to their house for dinner!!! hahah and i  get whatever I make for thanksgiving!! hahah But if you want you can send me a recipe book full of everything  with all types of food because I want to try more stuff just send me a recipe book so I can make new stuff!! hahah  miss you guys to I love you and have a great week!!!

Heyy guys!!! This week  not much new stuff has happened!!
Monday: we had a half p-day because they were having elections and we weren't allowed to leave the house on Wednesday!!!
Tuesday: we found a few new investigators a young man named Adolf he is a friend of some kids in the ward and they gave us his reference and they all call him Hitler!!! hahah its pretty funny
wed: we hung out in the house all day and chilled I made rolls and pumpkin pie!! and the pie turned out pretty good even though I just winged it!! oh and I cleaned while everyone one else slept!! hahah I have the messiest elders in my house!!! it sucks!!
Thursday: we just worked hard and found a few new family's we taught this one family Olympio and Elsa and he doesnt have a job right now but we were talking about the commandments and how they will bless his life materially and spiritually and he just started asking what can i do to be blessed and then he was like I'll do everything!!! It was pretty cool!
Friday:we went to the city and had a district leader training and on the way back we took the wrong chappa (15 passenger van that is like a bus) hahah an it took us an extra 45 min to get home!! it sucked and they were playing terrible music!!! stupid African music!!
Saturday: we had to go back in to the city!! we had zone training!! it was great learned a bunch of new ideas on how to be a better missionary!! and that night we had a sweet lesson!!! with a guy named Irmenijilido!!  he is a big catholic but is open to new things  and while we were teaching he was like when you guy teach you teach with power and I feel like a warm peace in my heart!! We were like heck yeah!!! Thats the spirit!!!
Sunday: we had church!! haha and we were walking to a lesson and there was a huge wedding going on and the only way to walk by was through the wedding so we started walking through and they started cheering  so we were like waving like yeah were awesome and then we said shicanie which is good afternoon in African dialect and they went crazy and started cheering and yelling it was hilarious!!! That's about it for this week

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