Sunday, December 22, 2013

Week 16

November 18, 2013

Heyy  family,  We had another great week over here in Africa!!! We had transfers last week and I stayed here in Magoanine I am way excited for Tyler and Marissa!! and Obama sucks!!  hahah Im glad  I wasn't home for yard work!! hahah  How is everyone doing?   Tobi, Kade and Saydi?? and that sucks about dads knee!!! and I'm kind of   jealous about you guys getting a cow!!! Hows work going? My comp is good but I've've been with him a while hahah  the cleaning is going a little better but not much  and my Portuguese is coming along and I can say the prayer just fine!! yes I've set goals !!!!
Monday: we went to the city and chilled haha we just walked around!!! bought the game Risk!
Tuesday: we went to a family's house and we were talking to their dad he is 87 and he used to be a boxer and his name was Boby Klobb haha
Wed:  we took the family we just baptized and took them to a lesson and they bossed it up!!! and now we are opening another process for marriage this week!!!!
Thurs: I don't remember what happened!! haha
Friday: we went over to one of our investigators house and they want to get married but her parents want lobolo (where you have to pay their family to get the wife) and they want a bunch of thing!! 30,000 met worth of things and that would take like 30 years to pay!!!  they decided to just get married behind their parents backs and not tell anyone!!!!! He works  a guard and he doesn't make like any money and to open the process to get married it costs like 500-1000 met which is a ton for the people here!!! and we were like we don't want you to go hungry  but he said it doesn't matter God will provide!!! we were just blown away!!!! Its crazy how much faith this couple has!!!!

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