Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Week 14

November 4-9, 2013
This week was kinda crazy!!!!!!!!
Tuesday: Elder Porter got transferred so his comp. was with us for the next 2 days!
Wed: We had to go to the big city of Maputo and pick up marriage documents for Joao and Zita!!!!!! and that took like all day so we didn't get much work done!!!
Thursday: we had to pick up marriage papers for Carlos and Joanna!!!! woot woot!!! and that again took most of the day!!! hahah
Friday: we had two weddings!!!! We were at the chapel like all day we helped set up one wedding for Joao and Zita they wanted a little  party so we helped set it all up they got married and it was awesome he cried a little during the wedding!!! and at 8:00 at night we had our other couple get married and they just wanted to sign the papers so they could get baptized they didn't want any party or anything!!!!
Sat!!!! We had 2 complete family's baptized and 1 young man!!!! and our mission president came to watch the baptism!!! I was kinda nervous because I had just barely memorized the prayer for baptism!!! Everything went well and everyone was so happy no one could stop smiling!!!! It was a great day!!!! and you could totally feel the spirit there!!! especially when they bore their testimony's!!! It was awesome!!!!!!! I had a great week and it was one of the happiest things ever seeing the smiles on there faces because they knew they were following the lord!!!! It was awesome!!! I love you guys tchau!!!

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