Sunday, November 3, 2013

Week 12

(Note to Everyone:  Another short letter from Taylor and again he was answering questions from my last email.  Its always nice to get a letter when they finally recognize what you have been teaching them for the last 18 years sinks in>)

Your week sounds interesting!!!  All the injury's and Tobie!!! hahah and the money was because i took out the 100 dollars the Hancocks gave me and that's why!!! But i'll only spend like 30-40 every month if that!!  I might be able to buy clothes that fit but I don't know where to get them!!! and I should be good on clothes for a while!!!! I'll try to remember to send the picture!!!( Mom wants a full length picture) and I am really surprised that the cat is still alive!!!  But i just want to let you know that i am sorry for being a slob and leaving dishes and complaining about washing dishes and leaving messes you you to clean!!! I know how you feel now, me and one other elder try to keep the house clean but when its 2 clean people -vs- 4 dirty people we loose!!! and we get on every body but in the end its us who wash the dishes!!!  I'm sorry!!!  And what happened to dads knee ?? hahah 

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