Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 8

Hey family!!!! All is good here in Africa!!!! It’s been kind of  cold here the last 2 days it was like 50 degrees and  raining!!! I am getting slowly better at Portuguese!!!!!  I love my new companion!! He is from Eugene, Oregon!!  The construction workers aren't in my area so I don’t know what’s up with them!!Ii got the letters but they are hard to read! I can get almost everything I need they don’t have certain foods and I miss Taco Bell the most!!!! hahahah   I miss you guys the most of course but I also miss music a lot hahah!!!  And I didn't see the touchdown!!  I still haven’t seen any monkeys!!!!! I am going to miss the crepes!!! I am sad about that!!!  I cant believe that we still have a cat!!  When did grandpa get sick? I will be praying for him!!  Troy Christensen got his call he is going to Buenos Aries Argentina!!!
Monday we just chilled at the house, we didn't do much, it was a day of basking because Elder Going didn't like to do much!!!
Tues: Tuesday I got my new companion he flew in from Beria (which is in the north part) his name is Elder Robinson I like him a lot and he is way good at teaching lessons!!!
Wed: Well since I have been in Magoanine longer I have to show him where everything is and I realized I always followed elder going I never really paid that much attention to where I was going!! hahaha but I can find most things. We had a lesson that night and we went to go to the house and I thought I knew where it was at and I ended up being on the wrong freaking road!!!!!! hahahah but besides that I pretty much know where everything else is!!!
Thursday: We had some great lessons on the law of chastity!!!! Most of the people here don’t get married they just live together and this week we are helping  like 3 families start the marriage process and that’s really big here because it costs like 1000 MET which is only like 37 American dollars but here that’s huge!!!!
Friday: Our main man Amerall said that he has finally stopped drinking and smoking and he wants to get married and baptized!!!! He is awesome!! This whole week we have been looking for this soda Schweeps  passion fruit and we still didn't find it!!! hahah but we are going into the city today to buy it!!!
Saturday: We had some odd thing happen 1st we went to go teach some new investigators and apparently the wife only spoke English so we had like a double lesson.  Elder Robinson taught her husband and I taught her in English hahah and she had some weird questions!!! She ask if there were such thing as miracle babies and I was like what’s a miracle baby and she said a lady got pregnant and three days later she had a baby!! I was just like yeah, that doesn't happen!!! hahah but on our way home like 3 houses down from our house we had our first encounter with some dogs!!!! We were just walking minding our own business and I look over and I see these two dogs and they start barking and sprinting at us!!! hahah and as soon as I saw them I was gone.   I took off running and I look back and I see my companion with one dog at his feet so I turn to run to help him and I just see him roundhouse kick this dog in the face!!!! hahaha and he starts running towards me and now we have both dogs chasing us and we still have to make it to our house and unlock the front door to make it into our yard and these dogs are fast so we get to the door and I couldn't have even tried to unlock the door without the dogs getting us.   I just launched myself over the wall and open the door for my comp and we both get in and we can just hear the dogs right outside our wall!!! hahahah it was pretty funny!!!
Sunday: We got the privilege of having President Kretly in our branch, which was awesome, but we also got a new missionary couple.   Their names are Sister and Elder Dillie…. It’s Shane Dillies parents!!!! hahahahah what a small world, it was pretty funny!!!
We had a good week and I love my mission and I love helping people become closer to the Lord!!! I love you guys!!

Elder Roberts!!

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