Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 6

Heyy family!!!! I'm am doing good I don't have much time today because in like 10 min we are going to the beach!!!!!! But i'll answer the questions!!!  For the most part I am happy but I do get discouraged because the language is very difficult so I have been relying on the lord a lot lately. My debit card just doesn't work on an ATM I used but I figured it out and I can use my credit card i just haven't! The dockers you gave me I ripped the darker ones and they cannot be fixed!! I can do the google plus!!! But I forgot my camera today! I haven't really had an African dish yet! But I had this stuff called Matapa and its like leaves, peanuts and I don know what else hahah but you put it over rice and it looks disgusting  it's a nasty green color but I ate it and it wasn't that bad hahah!! Send me like pizza crust recipe and recipe for your rolls and all that are good!! I think I will stay for a while but I don't know!! Yes, I look at my blog every week!!! and ill take pictures of the next big spider I see!!! No cool animals yet!! and I hate how there is no regular milk here!!! We didn't have much happen this week we had the zoneleader in our house for two days because the other elders in our house weren't getting good numbers!! hahah and they all got chastised and got in trouble because they weren't setting a good example for me!!! hahah We found a lot of new family's this week and i dug a huge hole that I will send pictures of next week!!! I am really sorry I couldn't write more and I miss you all I will write extra long next week and lots of pictures!!!! love you Elder Roberts

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