Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 4

Heyy!! That's soo exciting that  am an uncle and  i was praying and fasting for Kinzie!!  I cant wait to see him and meet him in person!!! We had some interesting things happen this week!!!! But I am very sad I am missing good thunder storms!!! I wont be able to get you the picture until next week!!! But the scripture is Alma 29:9!!! Tell kade I say happy birthday!!! and my addresses is
  av. josina machel nr.1667,bairro alto mae. maputo mozambique cp. 1667
Ok so my week was good on Monday after we went shopping and did our emails we went and played soccer with some like 10 year old kids and they just freakin destroyed us!!! hahaha I don't know how they were so good!!! hahah not much else happened that day!! hahah
Tuesday:we taught a new investigator his name is Jerimias in the morning about the Book of Mormon and the restoration that went really well!! It's funny here people just pee on the streets and they don't care!!! kids do it, men do it and even women do it we saw a woman standing in the middle of the road but she was peeing like a man!!! I don't want to know how that's possible!! found a lot of good contacts and a new family we just got to know them and that was fun!!
Wednesday: we had a training meeting  and it was awesome!!!! our zone leader is awesome!!! He just taught how every person is a child of god and we cant judge people by there appearance or what there doing but we need help every person come closer to god!! and then from there he had us split up and go contact people in the city and he put the three new guys together so we had to go out and contact on our own!! It was pretty scary bu I did it and talked to people with the limited Portuguese I know!!!
Thursday: when I was studying in the bible in Matt I was reading about Christ in the garden of Gethsemane and how painful it was for him that he could feel the pain even before he was in the garden and when he got to the garden it says he went just a little bit into the garden and fell on his face and asked god to take away the pain!!! It hurt him soo much but that just shows us how much he loves us and we need to follow him in all things!!! Not much else happened we taught a few lessons and they went good!!! The craziest thing happened when we were standing next to the road!!! we were standing there and about 50 feet away from us this lady gets smashed by this car!!!!! and she got hit hard and we were like oh crap but after like 5 min she gets up without help and gets in the car that hit her and they took her to the hospital!!
Friday: we had an awesome lesson with our main guy Ammerall and his family!!! He has a drinking problem and wants to stop so we had a member  come with us and tell his conversion story because he got baptized a year ago but he had a bad bad drinking problem and it took him two years to join the church and to stop drinking!! but our investigator Ammerall says he hasn't drank in one week and he read the Bible and the Book of Mormon every morning together as a family and he hasn't wanted to drink!!!
Saturday not much happened except I ripped my pants!!! hahaha and I ripped them from the knee to my crotch!! hahah we were helping a truck get unstuck out of the sand and I went to jump in the back to put some weight in the back and my pants just ripped and I had to walk like 1.5 miles to our apt. with ripped pants!!!! Cant wait to hear back from you!!! Love Elder Roberts

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