Monday, September 23, 2013

Week 7

Heyy family sorry I don’t have time I have to go!!! hahaha Not!! How’s everyone doing???  How’s Wickenburg, any cool news!!  I’m doing good here!!!! We had transfers today I’m getting a new companion!!!! Elder Robinson!!  I know nothing about him!!!

I get all your pictures you email me and I still haven’t seen any monkeys!!!! hahah but when I do I will let you know!! I exercise most days when I feel like it hahah and I have read the Book of Mormon one time here and I’m in Alma again!! I am also almost done with the New Testament!!!I don’t know elder Williams and all of our investigators are doing good we found a lot of new family’s this week!!!

Monday: after emailing we went to the beach with all the other elders in the area and we played American football!!!! Which is way better that soccer!!! hahah

Tuesday: I had to dig a hole for our trash pile hahah we burn all our trash and bury it in the hole. The hole I dug was huge!!!!!! It was about 6 foot deep!!  After that it was another day of serving the lord. hahah  We did street contacts and and  taught some people about Jesus!! 

Wed: Not much happened that I can remember all the days are starting to blurr together!! I’m going to have to write it all down, so I know what to write about!!! We taught some people, we had a member come with us his name is Benindito he is an albino black guy and he is pretty funny and he is a boss at teaching!! He is 26 and joined the church less than a year ago!!! We asked him about his conversion and he said when I heard the doctrine I just knew it was true and before he used to drink a lot and do other things!!
Thurs: Honestly I can’t remember what happened!! hahah
Friday:  I went on splits with Elder Olsen the other new elder and we went out and the day was awesome!!! We did a ton of street contacts and taught 3 lessons!! We taught the restoration to 7 construction workers on the side of the road!!! hahah Then after that they were like, we want to hear more, so we got all their numbers and now the other elders are teaching some of them!!

Saturday: I don’t remember!!! Sunday we had church and we had a ton of investigators come!!! Then after church we went to pick up a member for a lesson we had with them and when we were at her house their neighbors the wife and the husband got in a fight so elder going and I ran in and had to grab the guy and pull him away and calm him down!! We wanted to smash him but it wouldn’t have been a good idea!!! Hahah Thats about it !!! I love you tchau!!

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