Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 72 Transfers means Packages!!

TRANSFERS!!!!  So that means packages on Tuesday!!!!! So I was frustrated because transfers are a big deal! It can change up everything but me and my comp stayed the same but the other companionship changed we lost one elder!  I love my area and my companion so we are good!!! Well so the 13 families how can I say this, we cycle through them very fast and I didn't mean to say 13  we have like 7  but we may sit with 5 new families throughout the week but most of them we drop!! Yes I  bought baby powder but I got this cream stuff that helps a lot!  (chaffing from the super hot weather and sweat) 5 MONTHS!! its crazy, its going soo fast!!!!(that is how long he has left on his mission) June 15 as far as I know(release date)!!!! and 3 days(his friend Josh gets home off his mission) !!! holy crap  That's sweet that we got got the job for the farm and that sounds pretty funny about the hypnotist lady!!! Speaking of subbing for primary I did that yesterday! I have not got the letters but I have a new mailing address that will make things get here a lot faster I will send it next week.
This week was a kind crazy week!!!  So the first half of the week was normal but everything changed on Thursday. So in our area is the kings palace where they have all the cultural events and this week they had an event called Incwala (there is a click where the c is and it means the first fruits it is a Harvest Festival) and so in this festival the king takes a shower on top of a dead cow and all the men from around Swaziland come and bring parts of a tree to make a house for the king and then they go and dance for him. After all that the king won't shower for 2 days and so during these two days there are the kings men who patrol our area making sure no one is using water and men have to wear traditional clothes and so do the women and if you are not doing these things they fine you!!! So during this time people will not answer their door because they think it is the kings men wanting money so no one wanted to answer their doors for us during these days so work was a little slow and we got fined 5 times in two day by the kings men (AKA the water people)  and so we come to find out what they do with the money is they make a huge fire and burn it all!!! All in all we gave them maybe like 50 cents!!! So our week was very interesting I have some pictures  that I will send next week. Also we did sit with two really nice families this week!!! So we are excited about that!!!  What is the name of the town we are going to in Costa Rica?  Yes, I am still working hard we are doing great!
 Elder Roberts

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