Monday, April 28, 2014

Week 38 Emergency Transfer

Heyy everyone!!!!! So these last few weeks I have been a slacker on writing!!!! but all is well here!!!
Monday: TRANSFERS I got transferred to Munhava which is like a 10 min drive from my old area!!! and my comps name is Elder Shumway! So my area reminds me of my first area but way poorer these houses are barley houses but the people are very humble!! 
Tues :Tuesday we spent exploring my new area so I could get to know it then I  met our investigators and had a few lessons went home and slept!
WED: I just explored my new area and taught some people!!! It was a solid day.
Thurs: We woke up  and EMERGENCY TRANSFER I found out that I was moving areas to the other side of the road and training!!!! So I am white washing an area and training!!! My new comps name is Elder Victor from Mocambique!!! So I don't have to do a lot of language training but he has a lot of training to do!!!  He has to teach me the language so I can speak perfect!! So we spent that day cleaning the house because we got one more couple of missionaries in our house because my ex comp got a new comp as well but he is from Brazil and already out 12 months on the mission
Friday: Received  my new comp,  president came to our house and told me that I had to buy him a bunch of stuff because he had like nothing and that I will get reimbursed so as my comp was unpacking I saw that he didn't have any underwear  so I asked him and he said he only had one pair and had been wearing them for 3 days!! (He hasn't been through the temple yet) so we went to the local market where you can find  almost anything you want used clothes shoes and all the stuff that gets donated to here from america you can find!!! So we went shopping and I had to use my personal money because I didn't have any on my mission card because it was the end of the month!  So we spent all day buying things for him.
Saturday: the other two pairs of elders had marriages and baptisms so we went to help clean and set up stuff. We got to the chapel at 8 in the morning and left at 8 at night so we didn't get to go into our area!
Sun: went to church and went home and studied and finally got into our area!!!!!!! so we explored it a little and did contacts and ended the day with 2 lessons and  7 contacts but our area we have one member family and that's it no one has worked their so we are hopping we will have lots of success!! It's going to be a fun transfer!!!!

·        So how far is your new area from the place you were at?  Did you have to take a plane to get there? not its like a 10 min drive
·        Tell me about your new companion?he is a native and is short and funny and doesn't know how to use a washing machine.
·        Where is he from? Nampula
·        What do his parents do? I dont know
·        Does he have a blog I can follow? NO
·        Do you like him and do you get along with him good? YES I LIKE HIM A LOT(I will not post this answer if it is badJ)
·        How is the new house or apartment you are living in? almost as nice as the last one
·        Is it a lot different than your last area?YES everything is compacted and is very poor
·        How is the ward? good
·        Do they have many members? 160-200
·        I am going to ask this for the 100th time, did you get my package and did everything arrive ok in it!!  Two of the games were from Kinzie and Sean for your Christmas present.YES THANK YOU AND I ATE ALMOST EVERYTHING AND I GOT ONE FROM COUSIN BETH
·        Do you have many people you are teaching? NO
·        Something you learned this week that you didn’t know last week? THAT MUNHAVA IS VERY POOR
·        Please send Pictures dying to see them!! NEXT WEEK I PROMISE
·        Because I am not getting your pictures are you at least taking awesome pictures and lots of them?YES
·        Is your internet situation better there? SAME BUT WE FOUND A PLACE THATS BETTER I JUST FORGOT MY CAMERA
·        What are you doing for P-Day today? PLAYED SOCCER
·        How many Elders are in that area?
·        Any monkeys? Hahaha NOT YET NEXT WEEK
·        Did you eat any different foods this week?NO
·        Have you eaten dog, cat or bugs for that matter? Haha NO
·        Are you excited to talk to us on Mothers Day? Do you know any of that information on when?YES AND ILL LET YOU KNOW NEXT WEEK
·        Are you happy, super happy or extremely happy?  (which one)EXTREMELY HAPPY



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