Sunday, April 13, 2014

Week 35

Hey fam!! This week was a another good week!! We worked hard and saw success!! but the pizza you guys made sound really good!!! and I'm starving!! Where is the new Elder from? we still haven't seen conference maybe in a month or so we can see it! Haha and Tobie lost out!! hahah!! Is Saydi still grounded from the Truck? It sounds Like the race this year will be big so hopefully you can make some money off of it! And who is the big job in Wenden for and who is she going to prom with?? and dads b day sounded way fun for him!! haha and Jeremy, Trey and Parker!! hahah that's funny!! when do they report? ANOTHER KID??? Holy cow whats this ones name? Jeez Indonesia sounds tough and Marissa is a champ for going through this!! and I was sad to miss the crepes and pancakes!!
Monday:  we played basket ball and soccer and went home and slept until it was time to go:
Tuesday: we worked and visited all our families!!
Wed; We had a division I went with elder Mumbai and had a good day we found a nice new family
Thursday just a normal day went and taught all of our families!
Friday: we had a youth who is going on his mission soon walk with us all day we had a lot of lessons and sat with a new family!
Sat:another normal day!
Sunday: Was a good day we had 16 people at church and a lot of them were new families!!! SO THAT WAS NICE  and we found out that we have p day today!! 
Monday: we went to our branch presidents house and made dinner for him and some other guys in the branch because yesterday was women's day and all their wives were out together so we went over had had dinner with them!! and its funny because he doesn't like the other elders at all!!! 

·         How far is Johannesburg from you? 
        A long way!!! from Maputo its like 3 hours!
·         How do families afford to go to the temple?
        they pay their sacrifice and the church helps with the rest
·         Am I bugging you with all my questions?
·         Package yet?  If so did everything arrive ok?  Was anything melted on anything? Any maggots           in it?  NO IT IS IN THE MISSION OFFICE AND MAYBE I WILL GET IT IM 1 OR 2 MONTHS BECAUSE             IM IN BERIA ANDI IT WILL COST 100 BUCKS TO SED FROM THERE TO HERE
·         Do you feel that you know you were supposed to be called to Africa? YES
·         Do you get the ensign? No
  •  What are the gas prices there ?ABOUT 1 DOLLAR A LITER

•             Do you buy fresh milk or do you have to buy it in a carton or a can?IN A CARTON IT SUCKS
•             Do you read Tylers Blog?YES
•             Have you been receiving my emails of Weslys letters?  They are pretty amazing.YES
•             Do you have icecream?IF I BUY IT
•             Who do you hear from on a weekly basis? YOU,  MARISSA, OTHER MISSIONARIES THAT I MET IN THE                MTC, TYLER, JOSH AND SOMTIMES TODD AND CARLEEN
•             How are all of your lessons going this week?  Any more new families?  I was impressed with how                    many lessons you had last week.  We will keep that in our prayers about the families you are                          teaching.
•             Have you been doing any touring for pday or do you just stay local? LOCAL AND PLAY SPORTS I                        HAVE NOT GONE TOURING YET
•             What are you doing today for pday?  SOCCER
•             What area do you get to have a bike?  NO
•             Do any of the missionaries in Mozambique get to use a car?  THE APs AND THE SISTERS AND THE                      OFFICE ELDERS
•             Are you writing in your journal? SOMETIMES
·         Do you know anyone with smart phones there?  If so have them take pictures of you and email            them to us   YES 
·         Do you get to do anything for Easter?  NO
·         What about Mothers Day, do I get a skype call or just a phone call? Looking forward to seeing           that faceJ! SKYPE I THINK
·         Pictures!!!!!!
·         Speaking of Pictures….I want some  I WILL GET SOME
Another source of Public Transportation Missionaries are not suppose to ride these 

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