Sunday, February 9, 2014

To Hell and I don't know if we are back yet!! Week 26

Heyy family how is everyone doing? This week has been a week to remember, and not for the good reasons!!! hahah
Monday: today was a day of relaxation!! We just slept and chilled in the house because we were dead tired!!!! but that night we had a pretty successful night we taught 3 lessons and found I think 2 new families!!
Tuesday: Zone Conference!!!! We had zone conference which was awesome!!! We had Elder Hamilton of the 70 come and talk to us and we learned a lot!!! One thing he did say was the Africa south mission area had the highest baptism rate per elder in the world!! That's pretty awesome!!! Elder Kitchen and I pretty much walked home which sucked!! We didn't have money to spend to catch a chappa! but we finally made it home but we came home to no power and that's when it all started!!! But we went out and had a few lessons in the blistering heat and made some contacts!! but we got through the day!!! and luckily we got home to power and had a cold nights sleep!!!
Wednesday: Woke up to no power!!! blah!!! and our cellphone was turned off and had stopped working, its very hard to do missionary work here without a phone!!! so we went out to our lesson that we had marked for the morning but he wasn't there and we couldn't call him because of our phone!! so we went back home to do our studies but it is very hard to study when its like 90 degrees in our home and humid so we ditched that plan and went to the city to fix our phone!! and as we got there we realized that it wasn't just us out of power but the whole city so we couldn't do anything to our phone!! So we did our best and worked through the rest of the day!! We finally get home and we still don't have energy, no shower no lights and the worst no air conditioner!!! but that's not the worst part our neighbor decides to have a party until 3 in the morning and they live right next to us their house is connected to ours so we can here everything they were blasting music until 3!!!  and mixed with our 10000000 degree house none of us slept that night and when morning came still no energy!!!!
Thursday: well still no energy in our house,phone, and our bodies!!! haha but we worked as best as we could that day and when the night came still no energy!!! but we got smart and went to the church and took their generator and got some gas and I hooked up one air conditioner to the generator and we all slept in the same room!!! the only problem was we ran out of gas at like 2 in the morning!! hahaha but we made it through the night
Friday: woke up still no energy and no phone but we worked all day as best as we could and got through the day and got more gas for the generator so that night I hooked up the water pump to the generator as well so we could shower finally!!!
Saturday: still no energy but that day we finally got our phone fixed!! and we were going to get some more wire to hook up our whole house to the generator but the hardware store never opened so we went to the city and got some and went home and had an electrician come and hook it up for us but the people who hooked up the house did a crappy job and there was to much resistance to power the house so we went back to the room and to one air conditioner!!
Sunday: still no power still hot and all of our food went bad!!!! but we were looking forward till Monday!
Monday: not p-day because it was a holiday and nothing was open!!! but what we did do was go to a restaurant and ate freaking crocodile!!!! it costed 1200 met ( 40 dollars) but it was the best meal I had ever had!!! It was a restaurant way out in the jungle in the boonies' and it was awesome!! the food lifted our spirits a little but we still didn't have power!!
Tuesday: today!!! still now power and it wont be on until the end of the week is what we heart but it could be longer!!! longest week ever except for the crocodile!!! but we still don't have food and anything because we don't have a fridge!! but we still work!!

Here are answers to a list of questions that I have asked Taylor, My questions are in Yellow

question answering time
Have  you seen Tyler and Marissas Blog   yes i saw their blogs
Can you wear sandals because it is so rainy No we cant wear sandals
Do you have a fan in your house do not have a fan in our house
Did you get Lori's package yes i got loris package
Have you received any letters or got our Christmas letters have got grandmas letters but none others
Just letting you know I didn't send Dr. Pepper sad that i wont get dr pepper
Are you taking pictures taking pictures yes
Are you teaching anyone yes we have 5 families progressing
How many branch members are there 150 is in our branch
What is the hardest thing in this new area hardest thing in our area no power and its way more humid
yes i am in a computer place that is running on a generator
Did you think that Brian was going to be the new Bishop  knew Brian would be the next bishop

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