Monday, February 10, 2014

Still NO POWER!! Week 27

February 10, 2014

Heyy family this week the power still hasn't been on but they say it should be on by Friday!!! but every day we hear something different so in all honesty we have no idea when it will be on!! but they say a transformer blew in Chimoio and they just take forever to do anything here!!!  but they say they are working on it!! well our church dosen't have a generator because we have it! but the one in the big city has one!  and yes I know Elder Bender he is in Manga 3. The house we are in now is way nice way better than the last but our neighbors got a dog this week and it just barks all night long but the house is nicer! Well the things that lack here are a lot compared to Maputo I cant find bacon here and the meat is more expensive and everything is just a little less quality here! and the croc was 40 for me but I didn't use any home money don't worry and yes they have chameleons here we actually caught one on Friday and its funny because the people here think the they will kill you everyone is scared of them here!! and I have plenty of time to read the letter. I have 2 hours to email! My package probably wont get here for  a while because I'm in Beria, the office might get it but I wont for a while but I'll let you know and another thing that would be cool to have would be a calender like the ones we get from the Christmas party with pictures in it of family and friends and my mission ends on June 9, 2015 so you could make the calender go till then but one of the elders in my house have one and its pretty cool it has his friends and family all over it but he leave to home tomorrow he lives in Mesa AZ  and his comp is My first comp Elder Going so when he leaves I will be comps with him again!!! We will be in a trio!! and on these computers I cant load pictures it kinda sucks so when we find a new place I will send some! and this week we had 5 baptisms for some kids of a member who was recently baptized but the missionaries didn't teach the kids so we did and baptized them! that's all of Mozambique news, bye, love you,miss you!

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